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Dollars and Sense: The Benefits of a CanGift Membership

As the unifying voice of Canada's diverse and dynamic giftware community, the Canadian Gift Association is pleased to provide ongoing industry information and intelligence, third-party volume discounts, cost-reduction programs, sales and support initiatives and specialized business services for our members across Canada.

Our preferred supplier and group discount programs can help members save money in virtually all areas of operations. Savings in shipment costs, credit card processing, telecommunications, business supplies and more can add up to $1,500 annually for the average CanGift member.

CanGift Board members assess, monitor and approve all new and existing services, and CanGift staff and the CanGift Board of Directors work diligently to ensure that all member benefits are relevant, save time and/or money and are available nationwide.

In some cases, members may be able to contract different rates or services directly with CanGift Official Benefit Suppliers or alternative providers, based on the unique circumstances of their businesses. On behalf of its members, the Canadian Gift Association will continue to advertise and support any negotiations made with its Official Benefit Suppliers, for the duration of each contract.

The association is committed to helping our members Know More, Sell More and Spend Less. Please take a close look at all of our programs to ensure that you take advantage of all the Canadian Gift Association has to offer.

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