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Thank you for your interest in joining the Canadian Gift Association (CanGift).

CanGift is the primary community of suppliers who sell wholesale goods to Canada's diverse retail gift, tableware, and household accessories industry. Membership opportunities are available to manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, importers and exporters who meet the product criteria established by the CanGift Board of Directors.

Please note: Companies whose primary business functions are retail or are service-based are not eligible for membership in the Canadian Gift Association.

Applying for membership has never been easier. Simply download the application form, complete, and mail a copy of your business documents, brochures/catalogues and a properly imprinted business cheque for the correct deposit amount to:


Membership Department
42 Voyager Court South
Toronto, ON, M9W 5M7

Application Received By: Membership Begins On: Months Payable Total Silver Membership Fee Total Gold Membership Fee
April 1 May 1 6 $675.02 plus GST or HST or QST $825.02 plus GST or HST or QST
May 1 June 1 5 $645.85 plus GST or HST or QST $795.85 plus GST or HST or QST
June 1 July 2 4 $616.68 plus GST or HST or QST $766.68 plus GST or HST or QST
July 2 August 4 3 $587.51 plus GST or HST or QST $737.51 plus GST or HST or QST
August 4 September 1 2 $558.34 plus GST or HST or QST $708.34 plus GST or HST or QST
September 1 October 1 1 $529.17 plus GST or HST or QST $679.17 plus GST or HST or QST
Plus Taxes PE



GST: 5%
HST: 13%

Please note: Applications that are received after the deadlines above will be held until the next scheduled meeting of the CanGift Board of Directors. Only completed applications will be presented and must include all of the following:

1. The fully completed application form, including the applicant's signature

2. A copy of your brochure(s) or catalogue(s) illustrating all of the products you have listed on your application form

3. Applicable business registration documents

4. A properly imprinted business cheque for the amount outlined on the application form, plus your applicable taxes.

5. Current booth pictures

We hope to welcome your company as a member of the Canadian Gift Association in the near future!

If you have any questions or require clarification, please contact the Membership department by phone:
800.611.6100 ext. 1025 or by email:



CanGift Membership Application - fax version
Download this version of the membership application if you want to hand-write your information.
Download and open on your computer and type in your information in the fields provided. Print and sign.
Please keep a copy of your application for your records.