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This Exhibitor Toolkit is designed to help Quebec Gift Fair exhibitors manage their Quebec Gift Fair information faster, easier and smarter. Please read below for information on the various areas available in the Exhibitor Toolkit. Please select any of the following areas from the navigation in the left hand column.

Special Note: This area is only for Quebec Gift Fair EXHIBITORS.

New Introducing the new CANGIFT FAIRS APP. Make sure retailers can find you with a detailed company and product lines description. (Available in English only. French version coming soon.)
New Check out our brand new marketing tools! Invite customers to your booth with a FREE CUSTOMIZED EVITE or personalize a FREE QUEBEC GIFT FAIR AD BANNER with your company name and booth number.
    The Exhibitor Kit provides you with all documents and forms, including the Exhibitor Manual. As a Quebec Gift Fair exhibitor, it is extremely important to meet the required show service deadlines in order to take advantage of pre-show discounts. The kit highlights due dates where applicable.

  • Health & Safety Regulations
    The Quebec Gift Fair requires that all reasonable steps and precautions be taken to protect the health and safety of all persons involved in the production of its shows. Prevention of injury is a key objective, with every possible measure to be taken to provide a safe, healthy work environment. Exhibitors must, therefore, carefully read the applicable sections and fully understand their responsibilities and that of their employees/hired workers while at the show.

  • Payment Centre NEW!
    It has never been easier to pay your booth space and/or membership fees. We are excited to announce the launch of our new online Payment Centre. Conveniently access multiple invoices here in one place. Payment is accepted using MasterCard or Visa.

  • Your Guide
    One of the key resources for show attendees is the Quebec Gift Fair Your Guide, published twice a year. Retailers will continue to reference this handy guide between shows. Use this link to ensure your company and product listings are up-to-date.

  • Exhibitor Badge Registration
    Take advantage of pre-registering online, in advance of the show.

  • Product Locator Admin & CanGift Fairs App
    Make sure your company and product listing are up-to-date using the Product Locator Admin. The Product Locator is a year-round tool that helps retailers find products and supplier information. Listings in the Product Locator are unlimited and include a link to your site.

    The CanGift fairs app is now available for mobile devices. Information from the Product Locator on the CanGift website is used for the app. Retailers will be using this app to find you during show season, so remember to keep your Product Locator listing updated.

  • Marketing Opportunities
    Take advantage of marketing opportunities intended to provide tips and tools that can help you maximize the return on your investment of participating in the show.

  • Show Rules & Regulations
    Quebec Gift Fair rules and regulations are designed to ensure the safety, wellbeing and fairness of all Quebec Gift Fair exhibitors and its stakeholders. Please note that management reserves the right to restrict exhibits which interfere with the effective conduct of business during this bi-annual trade forum, and to close, without indemnity, the exhibit of any exhibitor who shall refuse, after notice, to conform to the rules and regulations of the Quebec Gift Fair.

  • FREE Evite
    The evite is an email template which you can customize specifically to invite your customers to the Quebec Gift Fair. We encourage you to take advantage of this free marketing tool as often as you would like to!

  • FREE Banner
    Your free Quebec Gift Fair ad banner can be personalized with your company name and booth number. It can be placed on your website, used as an email signature or placed on any promotional material you may be sending out. Its purpose is to actively promote your participation in the fair and assist you in attracting customers to your booth.

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