CanGift Online Learning Videos:
Creating Retail Displays that Sell!

Showcasing products in their best possible context increases perceived value and helps compel prospects to buy! The links below take you to a series of complimentary online video learning modules designed to help you create beautiful retail displays quickly and easily.

Knowing the basic rules and techniques of good visual merchandising ensures that your displays compliment products in ways that intrigue, involve, excite and stimulate customers to purchase.

    Module 1 - Display Props Add Character and Engage Customers

    Module 2 - 5 Ways to Control In-Store Traffic

    Module 3 - Understanding Lifestyle & Merchandising Displays

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Module 4 - Organizing Display Spaces

Module 5 - Small Items,Big Potential: Displaying Jewellery & Small Items

Module 6 - 'Gifts-to-Go': How Gift-Wrapping Can Increase Sales

Module 7 - Establishing a Theme

Module 8 - Telling a Visual Story