Branding is not about you



Take a good look at your customer base. Are they your ideal customers or are they the customers you have settled for?

Branding is all about ensuring your business is attracting the customers you want. Ask any small business what Branding is and you will get a mess of different answers. Some think it is their name and logo while some people think it is their advertising, while others think it is the public relations the business conducts.


Most businesses, if they are completely honest, will say they aren’t really sure what Branding is.


Branding is confusing because it operates on the perception of what people think about a business. A good Brand can create a favourable impression in the minds of your potential customers, your current customers and even your staff. Favourable impressions are good for a business because it encourages word of mouth.

A bad Brand can create confusion and uncertainty for those same groups. People who are confused and uncertain about a business either don’t trust the business or won’t give that business a chance to confirm or refute those feelings; they will just go elsewhere.


The more you know about who your customers are and why they buy, the better your Brand will be. That means research. The first thing you want to do is develop a Buyer Persona. 82% of companies with better value propositions use buyer personas ( In Branding, everything about your business needs to focus on your potential customers. I’ve developed a quote that is essential for all businesses to constantly remember: “It’s all about them (customers), not about you (business owners).”

Not about me?


That is a hard statement for many small businesses to live with. You’re the ones putting your sweat and money into owning or managing a business and I’m saying it’s not about you! Sorry but it isn’t.


How can you possibly be objective about your business? You can’t. To develop a great Brand and to live, eat and breath that Brand, you always have to remember it is all about “them”, not you. Everything you do in your business has to focus on “them.”


If customers don't like...

If they don’t like something about your business, they will take their money elsewhere. It isn’t about how great you think your business is, it’s how great they think it is. That’s your Brand, making your business all about them.



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