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You’re not only constantly competing against your direct competition for attention from prospective buyers but you’re also fighting against content that has nothing to do with your industry, like personal posts and local interests.



Here's what happens in just a little more than the time it took you to read this sentence.

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How can you position your content, get it in front of your audience AND get them to pay attention?


Customize your content to the platform.

Think about the way your audience consumes content on social media. The majority of social media is browsed on mobile devices, so while a wide shot video or photo might be great for desktop viewing, a square or portrait video is better optimized for mobile consumption.


Have a consistent brand tone and voice.

Having a set brand tone and voice document will ensure everything you write online “sounds” like your company, regardless of what platform you’re posting on or who’s writing it. Giving your company an actual “personality” will help make this process easier.

For example, a common mistake made by businesses is not keeping their pronouns consistent. On Facebook they write “ABC Company loves this great article...”. But on Twitter they write using first-person plural copy, meaning: “We found this article online…”. First-person plural pronouns make posts more genuine. So, whichever you decide to go with, stick to it across all social media channels. While it may seem like a very small adjustment, it will make a difference with the way people interact with a business online.


Touch on emotions.

How many websites and posts on social media do people see each day? After a while content tends to melt into one another, which forces audiences to be more select on what they choose to pay attention to.

How many websites or posts do you read each day that get you to laugh, get you to feel touched or get you to get angry about something? How often do you feel like a website or Facebook post is talking directly to you and your problems and that they understand where you're coming from? This type of content stands out. There's a reason why YouTube videos of shocking clips, funny clips or touching clips tend to get passed around a lot. They make people feel something, and that's memorable.


Where’s the value?

In the end, the most important thing to do before hitting “Publish” is ask yourself one simple question: where’s the value? If you can’t explain how your content will benefit your community, then it’s not ready for publishing.

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