Turning your displays into Holiday Hits


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We all know that no matter what season we are in, we are always thinking forward to one of the biggest sale times of the year: the holidays!

With everyone vying for a share of the consumer dollar, it’s important to make your store experience interesting, fun, and most importantly easy for your customer to shop. While for many people holiday shopping can be a fun and entertaining experience, for many others it can be daunting and overwhelming. Here are a few ideas to help you maximize your sales and keep your customers happy.





We’ve all been in the position of looking for a gift for someone and not really knowing what we should be buying. So, we head to a section of the store that we know will interest them; maybe it’s the kitchen department or the jewelry section. Now that that part has been narrowed down, how do we decide what’s right? By merchandising products together that tell a story you can help your customer narrow down the chaos of choice. Maybe it’s an entertaining story with glass stemware combined with bar tools and pretty napkins. Or earrings shown with gloves and a purse. By telling a complete story you make the products make sense and increase your chances of selling multiple things together.





With time at a premium and stress levels rising around the holidays, people often don’t want to wait for someone to go into a stockroom to try and find a gift that they can’t find themselves. Be sure to keep your displays well stocked so that the customer can easily find what they need and help to expedite the process. Make sure that at the end of every day you survey the products and move as much as you can to the floor to be ready for opening the next morning.





We all like to feel a little celebratory around the holiday season, and that good mood can make it easier to whip out the wallet and buy gifts for those we love. Adding some festive touches to your displays helps put people in the mood and remind them that they should be checking things off their Christmas lists! Holiday red immediately reminds us of Christmas, and blue and silver work perfectly for Hanukkah. And you don’t need to drown the product in decor, often a single pine cone or a bow is enough to amp things up. Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, we all like a little bit of sparkle and pizazz to make it feel that much more special..





Offering gift wrapping is often very helpful to people who are pressed for time, and who want to present a well packaged gift without having to do it themselves. Gifts bags and tissue paper are a quick and easy way to achieve this, as are white cardboard boxes tied with some lovely ribbon. And both of those options are much faster than actually wrapping a present. Whatever you choose to go with, be sure to include some demo packages in your displays to show people what their options are. And some lovely gift packages will make your displays more festive, too!







On Sunday, August 11, Andrew is giving a special afternoon keynote presentation at the Fall 2019 Toronto Gift + Home Market. Learn what display techniques will catch the attention of holiday shoppers and translate into more sales.