July 28, 2020 — Online Retailer Roundtable: Ideas & Strategies for the 4th Quarter



Retailer Roundtable

What’s your plan for 4th Quarter?

The upcoming winter/holiday season will be an unprecedented one. What will consumers be looking for? How will people shop and what will they buy? What are the key products and trends that analysts are touting as big sellers for 2020? How will you keep your staff safe and motivated? Will you host an open house?

Join the DYA team on Tuesday, July 28 as we host an informal, unscripted one-hour webinar with two Canadian retailers who've been weathering the COVID storm — Jan Regehr of Pineridge Hollow in Oakbank, MB and Elana White of Outer Layer in Toronto, ON.

We'll discuss consumer trends, online and social selling strategies for the holiday season, and answer your questions — live! This webinar event is free-of-charge.