Exhibitor Testimonials











"The show has been an integral part of our business for nearly 20 years. The business generated has been substantial, with sales sometimes exceeding that of the Toronto show. The Alberta show staff have always been warm and accommodating, and will do whatever they can to make the show as successful and enjoyable as possible for you. I highly recommend this show to anyone in the gift industry looking to increase sales."

Jim Walling
Off the Wall Creations Ltd.




"I believe a gift show in Western Canada is a vital component in the Canadian gift show landscape, Alberta being the most ideal geographical location. It makes economic sense for exhibitors from Eastern Canada to reach retailers from Western Canada whom lack the budget capacity to attend an Eastern Canadian show. The Alberta Gift Fair has always been steadfast for our company of 45+ years, and we will continue to participate at the Alberta Gift Fair as a great venue to promote and sell our product lines in this ever changing giftware industry."

Joseph Wang
Mandarin Imports Ltd.