We’ve attended the Alberta Gift + Home Market for years and the 2022 show was one of our busiest.

This show provides us with an opportunity to introduce our newest products to our existing western Canadian retailer customers and provides us with an occasion to meet with many new customers. I highly recommend the Alberta Gift + Home Market.

David Feldbloom — Royal Specialty Sales




Being a first timer at the Alberta Gift + Home Market was an exceptional experience.

The staff at CanGift and their show partners made everything as seamless as could be. We found other vendors to be welcoming and friendly and the buyers were serious. Our hearts over the three days were filled with so much gratitude to be able to participate in this experience. We will be forever thankful for the people we met and those who decided to take a chance on our brand. We can’t wait to do future shows and see the growth from being a part of this amazing association. Thank you again!

Melissa Lau — Royce and Oak




This was our first time attending the Alberta Gift + Home Market, or any Canadian market for that matter, and it couldn’t have gone better.

The CanGift Staff were so helpful, from shipping, to set-up and everything in between, they were available and eager to help make our experience a positive one.

Vendors and buyers alike were friendly and great to work with. We were busy and made many great contacts and feel the show was a definite success. Thank you all!

Gary L Hoopes — LazyOne




It has been way too long, and we were so excited to be able to participate in the CanGift Show held in Edmonton, Alberta, April 24-26, 2022. Although the show was somewhat condensed given the ever-changing situation over the past couple of years, we were excited to see the support of many of our customers and excited to make acquaintances with new ones as well.

The atmosphere of the show was “positive vibes only”. The show floor was busy from the time it opened at 10:00 until close at 6:00 each day, right to closing at 3:00 p.m. on the 26th. Buyers were engaged, focused and ready to buy.

Many commented that they were happy to see us back and hope that the show will continue to be held in Edmonton. We hope so too.

Leann MacLean — Sports Art Collection




I was pleased to exhibit at the Alberta Gift Show recently, in April 2022. I had an exciting and wonderful first day of the show and received close to the number of orders I used to get during the whole show, pre-pandemic. It's been a very hard 2 years for all of us — buyers and suppliers alike — and one of the major things that has contributed to this feeling of struggle is the isolation and lack of human connection.

Online sales will simply never measure up to the solid connection we get through face to face. Loyalty, kindness, and repeat business is fostered through in-person sales and forging relationships.

My business never would have made it through the pandemic if I did not have solid, long-time customers, and those customers came from in-person CanGift shows over the years. At the recent show, I met and placed orders with many buyers who were new to me, and I met buyers from 6 provinces. Morale was high, as the buyers were very happy to come to an in-person show.... they were happy to go on a trip and see faces again!

The show was smaller than in the past, of course — however it was an anomaly during a time when we are all getting back on our feet. The fact that CanGift decided to do the work to put on a show in April (when there is normally no show in April) was a wonderful thing, to help us reclaim some lost sales and a boost to morale. I am grateful and extremely glad I exhibited.

I feel that the number of buyers who showed up was terrific. Thank you CanGift. I look forward to many more in-person shows!

Eleanor Kure — Artburn