Sunday, August 25


Many presentations required pre-registration. Please check at the Retail Resource Centre, Ballroom 101, during show hours, for availability.






SPEAKER BIO — Jon Montgomery

Location: Ballroom 101, Edmonton Expo Centre
Pre-Registration Required

8:00 a.m.: Breakfast
8:30 – 9:30 a.m.: Presentation

Think Big and Make it Happen with Jon Montgomery
While we must be realistic about the things in life we can’t change, there are always ways in which we can optimize ourselves and our situations through creative thinking. Unless you’re moving forward, you’re getting left behind! Join Jon for a presentation on innovation and realism that will inspire you to push your business limits and embrace everything that’s new.




AFTERNOON SEMINAR (Live Floral Demonstration)

SPEAKER BIO — Cory Christopher

Cory Christopher

Location: Ballroom 101

1 - 2 p.m.

Unleash the Potential of Fresh Flowers
Watch master designer Cory Christopher transform a bounty of fresh flowers into engaging floral pieces that will inspire you. Learn floral techniques, how to maximize each bloom, and ensure your floral work stands out for your customers. See how impactful floral design can be in your retail establishment and elevate your overall customer experience.




HANDS-ON FLORAL WORKSHOP with Cory Christopher

Floral workshop

Location: The Bloom Room
Pre-Registration Required (Limited to 20 participants)

3 - 4 p.m.

Mini Succulent Terrarium Workshop
Terrariums and plants are all the rage as consumers seek opportunities to dress their spaces with natural and growing options. Come play in the dirt and unleash your creative talents as the Cory Christopher Team shares the techniques and care necessary for successfully designing your very own mini terrarium.





Location: Ballroom 101
Sign up sheets will be available in the Buyers' Lounge.

5 x 20-minute sessions.