Must See

The Alberta Gift Fair is Western Canada’s largest gift show and is the destination to source the hottest products, build relationships in the industry, and discover the latest trends in the market.


Your guide to what's new on the show floor!

Visiting the First Look Product Gallery is the best way to ensure you see the most innovative products and learn about the hottest trends. We're located outside Hall H and here's a sample of some of the amazing products we featured last show. New Fall 2018 product photos are coming soon!


Product Preview

1+1 Ltd.
Booth: 1413
Ace Annison Ltd.
Booth: 1231
Axicon World Imports
Booth: 1636
Bear Essential Oils
Booth: 1210
Botanics for the Body
Booth: 1258
Burnt Whiskey Beard Co.
Booth: 1101
Calico Cottage, Inc.
Booth: 1459
Darling's Trading Ltd.
Booth: 2240
Enlightened Decor
Booth: 2244
Booth: 1479
Booth: 1319
Giftcraft Ltd.
Booth: 2225
Glee Accessories
Booth: 2645
Good Luck Sock
Booth: 1421
Grand International Trading
Booth: 2135
Halo Headwear
Booth: 1111
Harlequin Nature Graphics Ltd.
Booth: 1770
Honey House Naturals, Inc.
Booth: 2140
Jafsons International
Booth: 2425
Just Add a Kid
Booth: 1670
Kareri Inc.
Booth: 1378
Booth: 1626
Marilyse Productions
Booth: 1625
Modestone Creations
Booth: 1656
My Daughter's Fragrances
Booth: 1204
Nations Creations
Booth: 1004
OliveWood Glory
Booth: 1016
Parkdale Novelty Co. Ltd.
Booth: 1355
Booth: 2536
Pure Essentials Inc.
Booth: 1115
Redline Enterprises
Booth: 2507
Sea to Sea Custom Souvenirs
Booth: 1737
Shine Mark Accessories
Booth: 1537
Silver Stone Fusion Inc.
Booth: 1512
Starfrit Gourmet
Booth: 1018
Susan Robertson
Booth: 1208
Sweets by the Creek
Booth: 1020
Velvette Organics
Booth: 1508
Booth: 1623
Whitehouse Art
Booth: 1322