Building an authentic brand in today’s market

by Karen Kritzer

Retailers who work smart will create stores and marketing strategies that resemble their target customer’s values, beliefs and even their self-image.

When a reference is made to a company’s brand it relates to every single thing, large or small, that the company does. All of the elements come together to reflect the values and goals of the business. It can be said that it's more about the ways that Business A stands out from Business B. Brand image refers to everything that supports the brand as a whole. That can include anything from products, layouts, colours, fixtures and décor to font choice, graphic elements and packaging. 

Ultimately to a retailer building brand loyalty is key. Retailers strive to have customers become loyal followers of the brand and to make repeat purchases, regardless of convenience and product pricing. Various strategies can be used in order to achieve brand loyalty and there have been many great examples in the market recently. Rewards programs and incentives come to mind immediately. Who doesn’t love getting emails tailored specifically to them while offering immediate savings and deals?

Social Media has a proven daily influence on buying behaviours. “Shoppers are 29 percent more likely to make a purchase the same day when they use social media either before or during their shopping trip,” according to Navigating the New Digital Divide, a recent article published on Being consistent across the board with brand images and clear messaging can help the entire buying process.

It has recently become evident that people want to shop in stores as well as online. Therefore, one could argue that brand consistency between digital elements and the actual in-store experience is at the forefront.

Retailers who will ride the waves of the market successfully will most likely see maximum profits if they stay true to their brand values.

Karen Kritzeris from Organized & Stylish is a freelance visual merchandiser with over 12 years of retail experience.

As a small business owner and freelance visual merchandiser, Karen can relate to the everyday challenges that retailers are faced with. The 12 years of experience she has with various top name brands and small independent retailers allow Karen to create unique action plans that achieve results for her clients.

The Toronto Gift Fair welcomed Karen as a Retail Solutions Seminar speaker for its fall 2016 program.