Delivering outrageous customer service

by Roy Prevost

Customer service has been redefined and rehashed over the years to the point that it has almost become irrelevant. Every company touts their “customer service” message in some way or fashion in order to separate themselves from their competition. So how do you gain a reputation for Outrageous Customer Service?

First, you need to create a culture of service and that begins by developing an architecture and choreography of service within your business. How does that work? The choreography begins by identifying and choreographing the experience from when the customer/prospect first contacts you, followed by their arrival in your store until the moment they say goodbye.

What is happening to them in this process?

Are they being warmly welcomed over the phone?

Are they being greeted in a friendly manner when they arrive at your store?

Are they offered a coffee or snack while they are walking around the store?

Do you have a separate area where they can sit with friends (optional)?

Is there pleasant music playing in the background?

Are your team ready and willing to smile and engage newcomers as they enter your world as guests?

Do you have a mechanism in place to get their personal information such as email, birthday and anniversary date, children’s names, pets’ name – you get the drift.

In today’s accelerated world, your customers want personal connections, ease of transactions, hand holding and an emotional hug when they enter your world. Get this right and you will become the talk of the town while attracting your ideal prospects and clients.

Roy Prevost is a customer service activist, a futurist and a bestselling author who forecasts trends in distribution and retail. He has guest lectured at Simon Fraser University on the ‘future consumer’ and he is unique in North America in the area of preparing independent retailers for the new economy.

Roy will be a speaker at the Spring 2017 Alberta Gift Fair.