Make the most out of your first impression

In retail, first impressions are formed in the first three seconds!


Ani Nersessian

Get ready for note-taking, as you will gain fresh ideas for optimizing your space at Ani’s First Impressions: Identifying Opportunities seminar. Join her on August 12, 13 & 14 from 1-2 p.m. at the Retail Resource Centre:
Toronto Congress Centre South, Hall 9, Booth 9020.

As we know, there are no second chances with first impressions. With the amount of competition that retailers have both online and offline, there is no room to depend on the loyalty of customers.

What are the first things that a customer notices? These are all of the questions that your retail presentation answers for a new customer at a glance:

What type of retailer is this?

What are the potential product offerings?

How established is the brand?

Is this relevant to me?

Is there a reason to spend time here?

What is the potential price range?


You can supply the exact answers that you want, with a strategic visual plan in place. The key is to understand the factors that influence these answers in order to manipulate them. Use your — or a 3rd party’s — fresh set of eyes to see your space the way your customers do. When you observe the way your customers shop, you will understand where adjustments are necessary. Their shopping habits will reveal to you how to make the most of your in-store presentation.