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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Eddie’s Hang-Up Display Ltd. knew that as Canada’s leading supplier of store fixtures and retail supplies, there would be an important role for them to play in helping their grocery, pharmacy, and other essential service customers.


Eddie's Hang-Up Display logo

Allen Gaerber, company vice president, noticed that social distancing was rarely being adhered to. Despite stores implementing new policies and trying where possible to keep people at a safe distance, it quickly proved challenging. “Abnormally large crowds, narrow aisles and poor signage were all contributing to an unsafe and stressful shopping experience,” recalls Allen, whose mother founded Eddie’s in 1978.

So, Allen and the team at Eddie’s Hang-Up Display Ltd. went to work curating a range of social distancing products alongside their long-time suppliers. They also put together guidelines and best practices on how stores can effectively implement physical distancing policies. Check out their top tips for retailers below:


Properly Distanced Queuing
Whether the lines are in-store while customers wait to pay, or if it is a queue of people waiting outside to enter the store, effectively managing these lines is essential.

The ‘Safe Step’ queue management kit is a durable floor sign application used to help promote social distancing in a polite and simple manner.

The kit consists of rung marking labels asking customers to ‘Wait Here’ which are to be placed 6 feet apart along the queue. The vinyl floor signs are easily cleaned, can be repositioned and are simple to install. Eddie’s also recommends using stanchions as a means of managing the queue and sending customers down a line in which 6-foot increments are clearly designated, ideally with floor signs such as ‘Safe Step’.



Point of Sale Protection
In order to protect customers and staff at the point of sale, install a ‘Cashier Protective Barrier’.

The cashier sneeze guard adds an extra layer of protection for both employees and customers.

The clear acrylic barrier gets affixed to the counter with adhesive pads and features a pass-through for transactions. It is easy to clean, and no tools are required for installation. These cashier guards are quickly becoming common place in stores nation-wide.


Implement A One-Way System
The problem of narrow aisles forcing people to come into close contact with one another was the inspiration for ‘Safe Shop’. ‘Safe Shop’ is another floor decal kit, with this version being applied to enforce a one-way system in stores. One-way directional arrows are placed along aisles and ‘Do Not Enter’ signs at the entrance to certain aisles.

This helps manage the traffic flow, allowing for better physical distancing and creating a safer shopping experience for customers.


Effective outdoor signage can help educate customers about a store’s social distancing policy before they enter.

It is also recommended that stores use outdoor signage to inform customers of what in-demand products are no longer in stock (e.g. hand sanitizer), in order to help reduce crowd size.

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