COVID-19 Frontline Nurse A.M. / DIY Genius P.M.


Meet Pam

Pam Publicover-Brouwer, the owner of Genius Premium Craft Boxes is doing incredible things personally and professionally to help out during COVID-19. She has not only reactivated her nursing license to help out at IWK Health Center for Women, Children and Families but her business has created amazing craft kits to entertain families spending all of their time at home.


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Genius Premium Craft is a company based in Bedford, NS that creates, designs, and packages craft, science & spa DIY kits for beginners. After working 31 years as a nurse, I retired early 2 years ago to follow my dreams of becoming an Entrepreneur.

When the pandemic started, I knew I needed to help.

I contacted The IWK Health Center for Women, Children and Families, which is where I spent most of my career working as a Birth Unit Nurse, Flight Nurse, Research Nurse, Research Coordinator and in the later years as a Project Manager, coordinating research studies across Canada. I reactivated my nursing license and submitted my CV to work on the frontlines to help during this crisis. Little did I know at the time, my Etsy Shop would take off. I have to admit I have had an Etsy Shop since 2018, but I didn’t nurture it, and if I received a sale it was considered a bonus. Once orders started flowing in daily, I spent several days developing the site. Shoppers were looking for DIY kits to pass the time!

Many of my kits are designed for kids but my top selling kits on Etsy are my Cross-Stitch Kits and Candle Making kits. Both kits are designed and great for beginners! As the days passed, I received a call from the IWK offering me a full-time job, Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the COVID Assessment Clinic. I was thrilled, and I started work immediately on March 20. Since that time, I have been working as a nurse in Occupational Health during the day and running my business at night. I start my mornings at 6 a.m. and end them at midnight. I am so thankful and grateful I can help during the pandemic and still run my business.

Happy to do my part as a Nurse and as an Entrepreneur!

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