2020 Trend Report: What’s first and what’s worst!

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Andrew Pike

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It’s the start of a new year, and also the start of a new decade no less! With one year behind us and another rung in, some things have ended and other things are starting.

"It should not surprise anyone that there are some new and interesting design trends and concepts on the horizon, and I for one find that very exciting!"

While the word ‘trends’ can often conjure up visions of things that are fleeting or temporary, it does not have to mean that these ideas are bad or wrong. They are simply ideas that are new and interesting, and it still remains to be seen whether or not they will stand the test of time and leave their mark on the design world as a whole. But good or bad, temporary or permanent, they are coming and it’s in all of our best interests to be aware of them!


Wall panelling

Wall Panelling

Definitely one of my top trends for 2020, wall panelling can mean any number of things. From traditional applied panels or wainscot, to modern and graphic installations, panelling comes in all shapes and sizes. There’s incredible versatility to create any look you want and depending on the ease or complexity of the design, it can also be very, very affordable to get a really impactful look. It can also fit into almost any aesthetic, and provides an interesting backdrop for everything from art, furnishings and drapery, and casts great shadow lines and details when it’s viewed in different lighting throughout the day.


Round furniture

Feminine Shapes

Building momentum from the soft curve movement of 2019, feminine shape is reflective of the trends we have already seen in furniture design and colour palettes. With the voracious appetite for millennial pink still happening, shapes are becoming gentler and more fluid, and combined with luxurious details like velvet upholstery, gold accents, and blush colour palettes the overall look is quite romantic. Definitely a response to the stark and square lines of the early 2000’s, it’s nice to feel design embracing it’s softer side once more!



Handmade Creations

Definitely a trend that keeps gaining momentum, products that either ARE handmade, or just have a handmade look and feel to them just keep getting more and more desirable. With the world getting smaller everyday and global access becoming a household opportunity, products and interiors that have a more curated and travelled look to them are on everyone’s wish list. People still love a story, and being able to tell your friends about the where and why you bought something not only makes for great conversation, but also gives more meaning to why we have the things we have. Everyone likes an experience, and this is just one more way to give it to them.



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