Must See

As Canada’s largest gift show, the Toronto Gift Fair is the place to experience the widest selection of products firsthand and learn about upcoming trends.



We're combing the beach for the perfect, shipshape products for Andrew Pike's nautical-inspired feature areas!

Here's a sneak peek of some of the products you'll see at the Spring 2019 Toronto Gift Fair.



Product Preview

2108167 Ontario Inc.
Booth: 9170
Booth: 11229
Ace Annison Ltd.
Booth: 7219
Booth: 2213
Avocado Decor Inc.
Booth: 7434
Bear Hill Studio
Booth: 8728
Bee By The Sea Natural Products
Booth: 2378
British & Irish Imports
Booth: 10507
Brittles 'n More
Booth: 9295
Cabrelli Group Inc.
Booth: 12627
Casamia Trading Inc.
Booth: 10519
Catherine Lillywhite's
Booth: 2219
Craft Alliance Atlantic Association
Booth: 10826
CTG Brands
Booth: 2836
Don Schacter + Associates
Booth: 7128
Eco Parade Inc.
Booth: 10213
EMF Inc.
Booth: 7254
ESPE Vegan Corp.
Booth: 8842
Booth: 7321
Frans Koppers Imports Ltd.
Booth: 8577
Booth: 1112, 1151, 1155
Garfinkel Publications
Booth: 3612
Booth: 8463
Glee Accessories
Booth: 12119
Green's Your Colour Inc.
Booth: 1068
Harlequin Nature Graphics Ltd.
Booth: 3510
Hazy Jean Inc.
Booth: 9161
Indaba Trading Ltd.
Booth: 8331
Italgemme Inc.
Booth: 12435
Jafsons International
Booth: 9553
Just Add a Kid
Booth: 3411
Booth: 7770
Kidcentral Supply Inc.
Booth: 2449
Booth: 2558
LDL Designer Fashion Inc.
Booth: 12339
Le Creuset Canada, Inc.
Booth: 7135
Booth: 12411
Leopards & Roses Trading Inc.
Booth: 9315
Linen Way
Booth: 7531
Marie Dooley Home
Booth: 7484
Merben International Inc.
Booth: 10539
Meriso Travel Essentials Inc.
Booth: 12633
Modestone Creations
Booth: 3006
MPoint Communication Ltd.
Booth: 8806
Napa Home & Garden
Booth: 8493
Nearly Famous Enterprises
Booth: 11247
Nexten Pro Inc.
Booth: 7824
Nostalgia Imports Canada Ltd.
Booth: 9377
Booth: 11547
Oriental Enterprises
Booth: 1237
Oscardo Inc.
Booth: 3301
Paper E. Clips Inc.
Booth: 11257
Penguin Random House Canada
Booth: 2485
Booth: 12341
Portmeirion Canada Inc.
Booth: 11013
Puzzle Master Inc.
Booth: 9180
Booth: 10615
QHouse Kids
Booth: 2463
Sellers Publishing, Inc.
Booth: 1425
Silkberry Baby
Booth: 2428
Simi Accessories Corp.
Booth: 9754
Springwater Woodcraft
Booth: 8500
Style in Form
Booth: 1722
Sun Rise International Trading
Booth: 2443
Tani Investments Inc.
Booth: 11357
The Cutting Edge
Booth: 1031
The Tate Group
Booth: 11063
V & L Associates Inc.
Booth: 11339
Wild Bird Trading Co.
Booth: 8013
World Folk Art Imports Inc.
Booth: 9165
Worlds Best Cream
Booth: 2422