BOOTH FOR SALE:Description: Area to cover: 10' x 25", formed by 16 Ikea bookshelves, includes flooring, lighting, desk, chairs, cubes to display product, etc. The booth was used 3 times, and is in good condition, how ever some pieces have small scratches. We spent about $4,000.00 all over and we are selling it for $1,200.00 The booth is stored in Toronto. For more info and pictures contact us at 514.591.0961.

FOR SALE TRADE SHOW BOOTH located in Vancouver BC. Over 60 feet of slat wall tan in color. Includes shipping crate on wheels. 9' long x 4'5" wide x 5'9" high. Excellent condition - used 8 times. Asking $1500.00. If interested please email:


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