Membership | Credit Interchange

The Credit Interchange System or CIS is a confidential credit reporting service that has served CanGift members for over 25 years. CIS provides industry-specific credit information on more than 39,000 retailers across Canada and prides itself on integrity and professionalism. Payment trends are identified through a two-year accounts receivable history.


To discover how easily and efficiently you can pull credit information on over 39,000 retailers across Canada, simply view our new system demo! Information includes sample reports and exciting new features. It's credit information at your fingertips!


Retailer Review:  

Retailer Review is a new service where the CIS computer system emails a form to all members dealing with a particular account. Once returned and completed, a summary report is returned to all respondents.

Credit Alert:

Should a piece of negative information come to CIS regarding one of your accounts, you will be emailed that information the same day.

How CIS works:

Members provide their accounts receivable information at month-end as well as any other credit details that have occurred. This information is kept strictly confidential and the source of the information is never released.

Credit Reports:

CIS credit reports have a two-year history of accounts receivable and credit detail experience, illustrating payment trends. The information is industry-specific and reports are enhanced with added information such as high credit, terms, alternate trading names, PST numbers, banks and contact names. Information is updated daily and the reports are in an easy-to-read format.

Change in Status Bulletin:

The CIS Bulletin is a listing of new credit details such as final notices, collections and NSF cheques that members have reported. It is available every Monday and is an invaluable tool to help monitor your accounts. The information on the bulletin is also listed on the retailer credit report.

Accessing the Service:

The CIS system is easily accessible 24 hours-a-day and 7 days-a-week via the CanGift website at and requires no custom software. Members unable to gain direct access can fax their request to CIS and should expect a reply within 15 minutes.

Credit Group Meetings:

Participating members are also invited to attend Credit Group Meetings, another source of valuable credit information. Meetings are held in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and present prime networking opportunities where members can discuss credit issues with their peers.

Educational Seminars

From time-to-time, professional speakers with expert credit credentials headline CIS educational events that offer CanGift members current information on important credit topics. These are valuable opportunities for members to hone their credit and collection skills.

For more information on CIS, please call Pia Simkus at 416.679.0170 or 800.611.6100 ext. 1043 or email: