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A Message from the CanGift Board of Directors

Organizations flourish when they understand and appeal to those things their customers value. While the Canadian Gift Association offers services that are strategically important to you as a member, we wish to go a step further by designing and aligning the association's processes, technologies, communications formats and staff activities in support of your needs and expectations. This ongoing process of assessing our continuing relevance to members is critical to our remaining a valued strategic ally for your business.

Timely, responsive service is an important dimension of the value members seek from the Canadian Gift Association. Consistency in the way policies are administered is key. Inconsistencies potentially lead to the belief that some members are favoured over others, even if that is not the case.

Member focus cannot be a “one time only” program. It requires a permanent commitment of all the association's resources. The best member-centered strategy in the world is only as good as the capabilities and desire of our staff to implement it.

This document represents an expression of the desire by your Board of Directors, your association, and its employees to interact with members in a meaningful, consistent and responsive manner. Based on our many years of collective experience with the association, we are confident that we will deliver on this customer service imperative.

Your CanGift Board of Directors

President's Message

It is management's role to align all aspects of the association with member interests. We don't see customer service as simply a frontline department that dispenses information or handles complaints. Rather, customer service is everyone's responsibility.

This document reflects our years of experience interacting with members. The commitments presented provide a focus to our ongoing activities and to our efforts for continuous improvements in service delivery.

An unwavering focus on members is our path to success. The members' view brings a focus and coherence to our activities that are most appropriate. After all, members are the lifeblood of the association. You, our members, will determine the true measure of our success. We look forward to working with you.

Peter Moore, President & CEO

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