Why you should visit product feature areas

If you hadn’t already planned on visiting the product feature areas at our shows, they are a must-see if you’re looking to gather ideas and inspiration.

Here are a few reasons for why you should visit and use product feature areas:

Exhibitors submit their newest products to put on display
You get a small preview of what to expect from a wide selection of exhibitors at the show.

You’ll find new exhibitors
Among the hundreds of booths and thousands of products on display throughout the show, this is an easy way to discover new or different suppliers.

You’ll be inspired
We use designers and professional merchandisers to place items together in each showcase. Feature areas are a great resource to gather ideas for how to display and create stories using product.

They can be used as a meeting place
As an easy-to-find landmark at the show, you can always be sure you have a place to reconvene with your fellow buyers.


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