You can either register online or call the Alberta Gift + Home Market registration department at 800.750.1967, where you can request a registration form and brochure to be mailed to you.

You will receive a registration confirmation by email within two weeks. Depending on the timing, you will either receive your badge through the mail or have it waiting for you at the advance registration desk at the fair. A confirmation marked “pending” indicates that additional information is needed.

Other acceptable forms of identification include:

• Employee ID card, or company insurance card identifying applicant with personal information blocked out *

• Company credit card identifying applicant and company, with personal information blocked out *

• Copy of T-4 or W-2 form (must be imprinted, no handwritten forms are accepted) with personal information blocked out *

• Company cancelled payroll cheque copied on both sides, or a copy of a payroll printout

*i.e., Bank account numbers, SIN, personal address, personal phone or fax number.

The Alberta Gift + Home Market is a trade-only event for wholesale gift retail industry buyers only and is not open to the general public. To ensure a qualified audience of professional buyers, we ask for two forms of ID to confirm the business licence/registration and that the individual is employed by that business.

Please refer to the registration page for a detailed list of acceptable business and buyer identification

If you have pre-registered, all you need to bring to gain entry to the market is the badge that was either mailed to you or picked up at the advance registration desk. If you are registering on-site, you will need to bring your employee ID and your company's identification (if no one has attended from your company in the past).

Please refer to the registration page for a detailed list of acceptable business and buyer identification.

No one under the age of 16 is permitted on the show floor, except infants incapable of sitting up on their own. No strollers are allowed. Infants taken onto the show floor must be carried at all times in a bunting bag or similar support. Parent(s)/guardian(s) will be required to sign a Release and Indemnification Acknowledgement waiver before entering the show floor.

Pets are not allowed. However, this does not apply to guide dogs or service animals. A guest with a disability accompanied by a guide dog or service animal will be allowed access.

Every business should keep records of their employees, whether full- or part-time. You should be able to issue some official document confirming an individual's employment. If you cannot provide any documentation, this person cannot be registered to attend the show. A character or personal reference from an owner, either in person or in writing, will not be accepted as ID.

The Alberta Gift + Home Market is accessible to all visitors. The Edmonton EXPO Centre does not currently provide onsite availability of wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters. However, wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters can be rented from Eco Medical Equipment, 780.483.6232.

Any additional accommodation requests can be made through a registration supervisor located at any market entrance. Please click here to email your request to our team in advance of the show, or if you prefer, contact us at 800.611.6100 ext 1057.

Please click here to email your request to our team or if you prefer, contact us at 800.611.6100 ext 1057.



Accommodation and Air Travel

Stay tuned, CanGift Hospitality Reservations will be available this Fall.

All CanGift authorized hotels are now non-smoking. Smoking rooms are no longer available.

Thank you, more information will be available soon. A negotiated discount to be advised.



General Information

The market provides free shuttle bus service from the official show hotels to the Edmonton Expo Centre. For specific bus route and schedule information, please refer to the Bus Schedule page.

Yes. Using the CanGift Finder option found in the menu of this site, you can search by category, company or keyword.