Here are all the tools and information you need to organize your presence at the Alberta Gift + Home Market. From free customized evites and market banners, there are many ways to promote your participation!


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Update your contact and business information.


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Marketing tools and tips to maximize your show ROI.


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Pay for your booth space and membership fees, and access multiple invoices through our online Payment Centre.


» My Badges

Order your badges early and receive them in advance of the market.


» My CanGift Finder

Make sure your company and product listings are up-to-date using the CanGift Finder Admin. This tool helps retailers find products and supplier information year-round. It's also the main tool buyers use to pre-plan their visit to the markets.


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All the documents and forms you need, including the Exhibitor Manual.


» My Evite

Invite your customers to the Alberta Gift + Home Market using this free, customizable email template.


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Personalized with your company name and booth number, your free Alberta Gift + Home Market ad banner can be placed on your website, used as an email signature or placed on any promotional material you send out.


» Rules and Regulations

CanGift market rules and regulations are designed to ensure the safety, well-being and fairness of all Alberta Gift + Home Market exhibitors and its stakeholders. Please note that management reserves the right to restrict exhibits that interfere with the effective conduct of business during this bi-annual trade forum, and to close — without indemnity — the exhibit of any exhibitor who shall refuse — after notice — to conform to the rules and regulations of the Alberta Gift + Home Market.


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