Don’t be deceived if offered CanGift show attendee lists or more attractive hotel rates

View our Directory of Official CanGift Suppliers for a complete list of companies you can trust to serve your exhibiting needs. If they are not on the list, they are not associated with CanGift.


Stay secure and book your hotel with CanGift Hospitality

Exhibitors report recently receiving an email from CMI Event Travel, headquartered in the state of Hawaii. This company is not affiliated with the Canadian Gift Association or the CanGift fairs.

For peace of mind and the lowest nightly rates, we encourage Toronto and Alberta Gift Fair participants to book your hotel through CanGift Hospitality. Otherwise we cannot guarantee your hotel reservation or the security of your personal information.


Beware of outside firms offering CanGift mailing lists

You may have received an email from one or more companies claiming to have the Toronto Gift Fair list of attendees available for purchase. Please be aware they DO NOT have this list nor any other information from CanGift’s database. The information has been verified as inaccurate and we are pursuing legal action.

The CanGift database is one of our most closely guarded assets and we are fully compliant with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation regulations respecting our customers’ privacy.

There may be others but these are the known email domains that we have determined to be falsely advertising the Toronto Gift Fair attendee list:



International Fairs Directory not affiliated with CanGift

The Guide is the only official directory for the Toronto and Alberta Gift Fairs

If you have received an invitation from the International Fairs Directory to sign and return a form verifying your company information, please read the small print thoroughly. Upon signing, you are commiting to pay $1,366 US annually over the course of three-year terms which renew automatically.