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I have walked the show floor

... (and also having been a buyer for a designer showroom at one point), I completely understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate the incredible number of products on offer. In addition to the complete overstimulation you’re feeling, your feet hurt, you’re probably hungry, and you could desperately use a bathroom break.

How can you pick the right products for your store when you’re faced with so many options? Here are a few tips to help make it easier for you.

Andrew Pike


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Andrew on the show floor



Do your research.

Look online for articles about upcoming trends. Having an idea about where things are headed will help you strategize about the hottest new things that you would like to see in your store. Keep these inspiration images in a file so that you have them all together for easy reference. And you don’t need to make it specifically about products. Inspiration images of overall feelings are helpful to see the bigger picture of your store as well.


Identify your client.

You know your client base better than anyone. Look at what they have bought in the past, and what they have asked about or are looking for. Look at your top sellers, and look for similar products that will appeal to your base. Expanding on a successful product range can offer your customers complementary products to things you know they already like. Look at your existing suppliers’ offerings to see if they have complementary products so you know if they already have them, or if you need to find a new vendor who does.


Keep it consistent.

Buying product can often be like going to a buffet on an empty stomach. You get the urge to try absolutely everything on offer and end up with a huge plate full of food that ends up tasting odd because nothing really goes together. Think about your product range and try to buy things that complement each other. When the customer can see the natural link between products, it makes it easier for them to see the bigger picture and can lead to greater sales.


Tell a story.

Shopping can be daunting for many people, with the chaos of choice and countless options. Telling a cohesive story lets the customer know you’ve thought this out for them. Grouping items together makes it not only easier to see, it also makes it easier to sell.


Remember your aesthetic.

People come to your store for a variety of reasons, but one of them is the fact that they like your overall style. Encourage your aesthetic in the things that you offer. Of course, it’s always okay to branch out and explore new directions, but just like restaurants get known for their signature dishes, you want to be known for your signature style.


You're invited!

You're invited!
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