How ordinary transactions can bring extraordinary experiences


"Can you remember the last time you purchased a cup of coffee?"

Maybe it was from a big national chain or perhaps a local, trendy shop?

More importantly, can you remember the experience that encompassed the buying experience?



Here’s a quick customer experience memory checklist.

What was the name and appearance of the person serving you?
What was the name of the song playing through the sound system?
Was the line long or short, and did it move quickly or slowly?
Were you thanked for your business and told to have a nice day?
Was your order prepared quickly or in a normal amount of time?




If you don’t remember any of these details, that’s okay.

In fact, it could be argued that it’s great.

Sometimes the best retail experiences can be ones where we get exactly what we came in for — and nothing more.

We’re busy, we have a lot on our mind and our phones are beeping and buzzing. Do we really care about the store’s choice of music? In many instances, the fact that we remember little, if anything, about the buying process makes it the perfect customer experience.




If you think about all the buying experiences you have over the course of a week, from using the ATM, buying gas, ordering items online, you’ll start to notice...

...the ones that are uneventful, unremarkable, and humdrum are also the ones that keep you coming back.




...Where the ones that cause stress or take too much time leave a lasting impact. Why? Because you, like everyone else, are looking for an experience that is easy, convenient and stress free.


Retailer challenge


After all, they have been hearing for years that they must provide experiences that go above and beyond and exceed expectations. If you own a retail store, then you already know four problems with this concept:

It’s expensive. Transaction costs increase 15-30% when providing services beyond the norm.

It’s time consuming. Spending more time with customers can impact productivity and create stress for staff.

Customers expect it every time. Human behaviour results in people associating actions with events. As such, a customer who gets free gift wrapping will likely expect it every time and then become disappointed when they don’t.

Some customers don’t seem to appreciate it. There’s a saying that people only appreciate things they ask for. Trying to win over every customer through extra offerings may not have as big an impact on loyalty as you would like.




What’s important to understand is that delivering experiences that get people coming back don't always mean giving more than you’ve got. But instead consider focusing on ways to make their life easy and stress free. Here’s some ideas that can improve customer experiences just by minimizing stress.

• When a customer seems undecided or confused about a purchase, ask questions to learn more so you can make recommendations.

• If there are long lines at the checkout, look for ways to speed things up. Perhaps complete transactions on the floor using a tablet.

Offer delivery using a local courier. People are happy to pay for something they see value in.

Make sure your website is up-to-date, fully functional, and easy-to-navigate, especially if you offer online purchasing.


The next time you have a wonderfully uneventful transaction, ask yourself what made it so nice. And see what you can to do take some of those traits and incorporate them into your own business. You would be surprised how many customers will continue to buy from you if you’re able to make it easy for them do to so.

. . .



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