Market Updates


March 22, 2021

Alberta Gift + Home Market — April 18 - 21, 2021

Over the past year, the health and safety of our community has been at the forefront of every decision the Board has made about our face-to-face events.

Last month, the province of Alberta released their four-step reopening plan, identifying the timing and conditions under which business restrictions would be eased. Given the inclusion of trade shows in step 4, targeted for mid-April and the yet to be determined capacity limits, there is simply no clear path to reopening in time to hold the 2021 Alberta Gift + Home Market. As a result, the only decision we could make was to cancel the 2021 show. Details about a 2022 market will be released at a later date.


Toronto Gift + Home Market — August 8 - 11, 2021

At our recent meeting, the Board thoughtfully reviewed a number of factors that the Toronto Public Health department would consider, including vaccination schedules and timelines across the country, before large scale events would be given permission to proceed.

The Board did not feel the appropriate authorization would be granted in sufficient time to properly plan for the market. As a result, the only responsible and safe choice was to announce the cancellation of the Fall 2021 Toronto Gift + Home Market.

The Board does not take the decision to cancel lightly and understands many will be disappointed this event is being cancelled with five months to go. However, public confidence in safely coming together will only happen when all eligible residents have received the vaccine and have subsequently, developed a comfort level in attending a large gathering.

We look forward to reconnecting in person with all of you at the Spring 2022 Toronto Gift + Home Market, January 30 – February 3.

Bruce Brown
Chair, Board of Directors

Anita Schachter
President & CEO