Buy The Way, Keep It Local



It’s time to RE-LAUNCH our Buy the Way, Keep it Local Campaign and share your story of resilience and creativity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In a continued effort to promote local retail, the Canadian Gift Association (CanGift) is re-launching its campaign: Buy the Way, Keep it Local. It is more important than ever for consumers to support retailers in their own communities and contribute to local economies.

The pandemic has challenged independent retailers like never before and CanGift is highlighting its extensive database of retailers on its Instagram account @keepitlocalcanada for the next 365 days. We want to spotlight retailers and relay their amazing stories of strength during these difficult times. It is important that everyone remembers that the Canadian retail community is still ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! It is in our struggles that we grow stronger and learn from each others’ journeys.

The goal this year is to promote amazing, resilient and creative retailers in the CanGift community and support their sales efforts.


• A commitment to feature as many retailers as possible on the Instagram account @keepitlocalcanada for the next year

• Contests for retailers to participate in to help advance their businesses

• Digital logo provided to retailers so they can join the movement by featuring it on their social media accounts and websites

• Incentives from CanGift members that assist retailers in their ‘return to normal’ sales plan


Join the BUY THE WAY, KEEP IT LOCAL movement today by downloading the logo to use in your marketing campaigns.

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You will be directed to a Dropbox location.

If you’re already a CanGift retailer, submit your information to be featured on @keepitlocalcanada

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If you’re a retailer in the giftware industry and not currently a buyer at the CanGift markets, please contact our Retail Engagement Team at for information about how you can qualify to be featured in the campaign. Click here for registration information and acceptable qualifications.