April 29, 2022

Beware of outside firms offering CanGift mailing lists

We have alerted our members and exhibitors in the past about firms claiming to offer CanGift attendee lists. Unfortunately, the number of individuals engaging in this fraudulent activity are increasing and their communications are becoming more brazen.

The emails are all the same in that they claim to be selling attendee lists for Alberta Gift + Home Market, the Toronto Gift + Home Market or, more recently, the CanGift Virtual Show (or Gift + Home Market CanGift Virtual). 

While these companies may be selling lists of names, they are not our attendee lists.

The CanGift database is one of our most closely guarded assets and we are fully compliant with 
Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation regulations respecting our customers’ privacy.

Here are samples of the most recent communications: 

Fraud sample 1

Fraud sample 2

In the strongest terms possible, be assured our attendee lists are not and have never been available to these types of organizations.

We do not partner with these firms. If you respond to their emails and inquire how they obtained the lists, you may be told they are affiliated with CanGift. This is incorrect and not truthful.

Beware – if you purchase one of their lists, they will take PayPal or wire transfers only and never credit cards, where charges can be disputed and reversed. If they happen to take a credit card, they are likely using it to rack up additional costs.

It is highly recommended you do not respond to their message, even to 'unsubscribe' to additional messages, as this just informs the sender that your email address is valid and active. This will usually result in additional unwanted emails.

If in doubt, check the email address. If it does not come from cangift.org, it is not connected to the Association. If you are ever in doubt about the legitimacy of any communication that references the Association, please reach out to us.

Please direct inquiries to servicedesk@cangift.org.


Hotel bookings – use only official CanGift Hospitality

While organizations claiming to be connected with CanGift in offering special hotel rates have been low key during this global pandemic, when the face-to-face markets return, you can expect to see their activities increase as well. They may allege they have access to better rates or services CanGift Hospitality does not offer but using them may result in no booking when you arrive at the hotel and in many cases, full payment up front with no recourse for a refund.

Please direct hospitality inquiries to Hospitality Manager at hospitality@cangift.org