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Help buyers find you and your products!

Buyers conduct more than 230,000 searches a year using the Product Locator. It's the main tool they use to pre-plan their visit to the gift fairs.

The Toronto, Alberta and Quebec Gift Fairs each have their own Product Locator. CanGift members can create separate profiles for each show, whether exhibiting or not. Non-members are able to update profiles for the Alberta and Quebec fairs only if they are exhibitors. As a member or exhibitor, you can fill out your profiles with company and product information, compelling marketing copy and enticing images to attract attention.

CanGift Members and Exhibitors assume all responsibility for copy, images and representation of products in their listings and advertisements.

The next Quebec Gift Fair is scheduled for March 25-28, 2018. In the meantime, the Spring 2017 Product Locator will remain available for retailers sourcing product online. Spring 2017 Quebec Gift Fair exhibitors and CanGift members are encouraged to continue updating company and product information until August 2017.


Tips for creative and strategic promotion:

• At a minimum, make sure your product descriptions and company information are up-to-date.
• Use specific keywords and select the appropriate categories to make it easy for buyers to source your products.
• Upload attractive pictures with your product descriptions.
• Add social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn) to your Business Card info.
• Create a company profile that stands out using the colour, font and text-size options. You can even add a logo or include a YouTube video link.
• Let visitors know about special events you are running or sponsoring or tell them what’s newsworthy in a press release.
• List all your company’s lines to take advantage of consumer brand recognition.


To update your profile and product selection, click on a CanGift Fair below. For assistance, please email or call 800.611.6100, ext. 1037.


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