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Why should I join CanGift?
When you join CanGift, you have unique access to buyers, marketing opportunities, invaluable industry intelligence, professional development events and deep savings on the essential services and products you need to run a successful giftware enterprise.


Not convinced? Here are our own top seven reasons to join CanGift:


Number 1

Cut Costs
CanGift members receive discounts on shipping, payment processing, telecommunications, insurance and more. The hundreds — even thousands of dollars — you can save will pay for your annual membership fee many times over.


Number 2

Market Yourself
Promote your company and your products on our CanGift Finder. Designed to help retailers source products from member companies year-round this opportunity is an essential platform to market yourself.


Number 3

Gain Insights
Look no further than CanGift for new ideas, expert advice and best practices. Find relevant articles, interviews and stories covering products, consumer and market trends, marketing, sales, technology and more.


Number 4

Stay Connected
CanGift is your source to stay on top of the fast-changing giftware industry. Receive news, industry announcements and updates that impact Canadian suppliers. You can also post wanted ads for reps or sale ads for products in our classifieds.


Number 5

Raise Your Profile
We bring members and buyers together to promote professional development at events that include guest speakers and business workshops.  


Number 6

Easy-to-Use Tools
CanGift members benefit from interactive tools on the CanGift site. From organizing your marketing opportunities to managing payments and updating your profile, we make it easy to stay up to date with Association and industry opportunities.


Number 7

Get Support
Running a business can be difficult, so we make ourselves available to help our members make better decisions and grow their business every day. It’s an important part of our commitment to help grow Canada’s giftware industry!