Kim Currie, KC Sales

2018 Independent Sales Representative of the Year

Kim Currie

Kim Currie has dedicated almost 2 decades to working in the giftware industry. She decided to become an independent sales rep 8 years ago representing Attitudes Imports, Frans Koppers, Green Earth, Nearly Famous, among others.

Being on the road throughout the Maritimes has allowed Kim to meet some truly amazing people and she has gained many friendships through her customers along the way.





“I am incredibly humbled and honoured to be receiving this award. I am sure there are many people who enjoy their job but I can assure you I truly love mine, and this is all made possible due to the customers and suppliers that I am fortunate to work with. I want to thank my customers for their acknowledgement with this award and for their continued support. I’m looking forward to many more successful years of working together.” – Kim Currie