Staff management: everything or …

by Evan Weselake

As retailers we hire staff and call them Customer Service or Sales Representatives. Very generic, very plain and not very clear!

On the other hand, as a manager or owner, chances are you have learned to do just about everything; every job necessary to run the store well. And ideally you’ll find staff who are also capable of most jobs. But as the saying goes, “If everything is important, then nothing is.”

This creates two problems with our staff. First, you want them to do everything; just like you do. Second, you have numerous priorities from customer service to sales, balancing shifts, tracking inventory, cleaning and others.  As a result of all we do, there are numerous expectations of your staff.

But if you want the staff to do a great job of anything and actually take some of the load off of you, then you need to lead by sacrifice. Sacrifice means giving up good to get something better.

The question for you becomes two-fold: What expectations will you sacrifice? What are the very few things you need them to do better?


Evan Weselake is an eloquent speaker and facilitator, conducting more than 1,200 workshops and keynotes in the past decade. As a coach and consultant, he has worked with clients in retail, oil and gas, health care, the financial sector, service sectors, academics and the hospitality industry.

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