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Andrew Pike

Andrew Pike

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As a designer I’m always looking for new and interesting things to inspire me, as well as concepts and different directions for projects. And now that it’s cold and dark by 5 p.m. (We ARE in Canada, after all…), I’m keeping myself happy by looking towards warmer climates with bright and sunny interiors.

Interestingly enough, one of the things that keeps coming up in imagery and concepts is the whole idea of seaside interiors, and nautical themes. The light and airy spaces immediately fill me with hope that winter may NOT last for 5 months this year, and that summer is, in fact, just around the corner.

In my opinion, one of the successes of nautical interiors is the fact that you don’t need to live on the ocean to have one! Any body of water will do, and in the absence of that, a little imagination will find you living in a space that is always reminiscent of long sunny days and warm summer nights.

Typically, these interiors have a few things in common: neutral backgrounds accented with shades of watery blues and sea glass greens. As a designer we are always preaching that you should keep your big pieces neutral for more flexibility, so by adding a few blue pillows and some starfish accessories you can immediately raise the bar and introduce that seaside feeling. And a little nautical goes a long way: seashells in glass vases, a collection of beach rocks, an anchor printed on old dock boards are all things that immediately take you back to that summer cottage weekend that made you feel so relaxed. And who doesn’t want a little more relaxation in their lives?!






In addition to the neutral palette, texture plays a huge roll in nautical interiors. Sisal rugs are incredibly popular, and conveniently also quite affordable. Cable knit is reminiscent of rope, and soft cotton twills are perfect to slip over white furniture, that can then be easily washed. And don’t worry too much about the wrinkles, the casual vibe of these interiors allows for a little crease or wrinkle here and there. Because take it from me: we all work so hard for so much of our lives. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by stress free living as often as they can?!






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