Creating a selling space that reflects your brand

Ani Nersessian - Retail Solutions Coach




You are already reflecting your brand image through various BRANDING COMPONENTS such as SOCIAL MEDIA, MARKETING COLLATERAL, and STORE DESIGN. It is no secret that this image takes time to establish and it is a waste not to capitalize on what is already familiar to your audience.

If you design a completely different look for your set-up from your existing image, you would be starting your client base from scratch. This is why it is important to use your selling spaces as an extension of your existing brand image. Make yourselves recognizable and pay proper tribute to your company’s identity. Use familiar visual cues, so that your existing clients recognize you and your new clients will understand you.

Unveil your public image


The first step is to unveil your public image, which includes committing to a style and target market. Your public image needs to have a strong, clear package of your colour palette, fonts, materials, finishes and trademarks. You don’t need to become an overnight architect, branding agency or interior designer, but you do need to be aware of what package you have created thus far. Chances are, you’ve already created this branding package through your public image, which means taking a step back and highlighting the most prominent visual cues.


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Ani Nersessian