Social media marketing is about your customers



Factoid from Beverley

The fact is, nobody logs onto social media to be sold to. We log in to touch base with our family and friends, keep up-to-date with the latest news, be entertained by photos and videos, and learn from great content.


The “Hard Sell” on Social Media

The most common mistake businesses make when marketing themselves on social media is trying too hard to sell their product or service right off the bat.

Examples of a “hard sell” can include anything from:

• Using product/catalog photos on social media
• Having “Contact us”, “Call us today” or “Buy now” too often in social media posts
• Going in for a direct sale immediately after connecting with someone new
• Content that centres only around the features of a product

So how can you ensure your audience listens and cares about your company and what you have to say? Here are three quick tips for using social media marketing with a focus on your audience.


Think product placement

Think Product Placement

While a professional head on photo of your product may work well on your website, this doesn’t necessarily mean it will translate well to your audience on social media. Putting your product front and centre of a social media photo doesn’t tell a story. Get creative, have your product being used in everyday life or style it alongside other items that compliment it. The goal is to create a great visual (whether it was done professionally with a DSLR or with your smartphone) that allows the viewer to imagine themselves using your product.


Stop talking about yourself

Stop Talking About Yourself

Nobody on social media actually cares about your business… yet. When I say that to clients, they look surprised, but it’s the truth. If a person has never heard of your business, you need to give them a reason to follow or like your page and engage with you on a real level.

Promotional posts and talking about your business consistently gets old (and boring!). Share information, insights, ideas and be helpful. Your audience is watching what you’re posting. To get them to really pay attention, plan your content to speak to your target audience and their interests, deliver content in ways they like to consume it, and ensure you know what resonates with them.


Speak to the benefits not the features

Speak to the Benefits Not the Features

Product or service features are for specification sheets. Benefits are what drives people to buy. More than likely your product or service offering is something that’s not 100% unique. The point to focus on is how and why it will benefit your customer or client (again, this puts the focus on the audiences’ needs).

In terms of a marketing plan, social media marketing plays only a small role. Leave the in-your-face sales techniques to other forms of marketing.


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