How to tell a story with visual merchandising windows



In a world that is dominated by beautiful visuals and perfect imagery at almost every turn, how do you create store windows that are impactful and Instagram worthy? And more importantly, how do you do that without blowing your entire marketing budget in one go?! Let me give you a couple quick tips and tricks for creating inspiring and engaging windows that won’t break the bank.



VM Strategy: Use dramatic paint colours



Fifty dollars and a couple of hours can make a huge difference! Experiment with feature walls in bold dramatic colours to make a statement. Use them as a backdrop to contrast your product colours, or complement them for a more cohesive look. Or even try using items all of a similar colour for great impact.


In design, we always say that the cheapest and easiest way to create an effect is with paint.



VM Strategy: Change the mood with wallpaper


Wallpaper is another great way to change the mood and create a different ambiance. Keep in mind that a roll of wallpaper that you buy at a chain store is actually considered a double roll, so you will get roughly 3 ‘drops’ out of that. A ‘drop’ refers to a ‘floor-to-ceiling’ length of wallpaper.


With the incredible amount of options available in the marketplace now, there’s going to be something for every taste, style and budget.



VM Strategy: Harness the effectiveness of repetition







Using a lot of the same item can create an incredible mood. Think in broad concepts instead of individual details. Paper plates and napkins create a perfect summer picnic. A ceiling full of balloons creates the perfect party atmosphere. Hanging icicles gives you a winter wonderland. Check out your local dollar store for inspiration and affordable items that you can use over and over again.

The investment will be minimal and you will build a stock of props over time that will give you opportunities to reuse and reinvent your ideas.




Example of creative merchandising

More tips!


• Mixing things up can make older products seem fresh and new again. Display them in different or unconventional ways to give them new life.

• Pick a theme and develop it, either by using colour, celebrating a season, or working with repetition.

• Adhesive window vinyls are another affordable and great way to create frames, introduce pattern, and announce sales and promotions.

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you commit to the idea and see it fully through. Like they always say: Go big or go home!


More tips!


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