The steps to successful visual merchandising

Ani Nersessian

VM is never complete —
it has only just begun.

This is because of the cycle of introducing new products into your space along with the constant need to renew, refresh and revamp in shopping spaces. If you think you’re exempt from this cycle, you are far from it!

And if you are simply looking for empty spaces to house your products, you are disrupting an otherwise organized, smooth shopping experience for customers. You are also damaging opportunities to increase your business.


Give your business the attention that it deserves by following these standard steps for successful visual merchandising:



Zone your space


Know your categories


Place your categories


Create your path


Zoom in to your shop-in-shops


Decide on your merchandising style per fixture


Execute and finesse


Rewind to step 3


VM example
VM example
VM example


There are only two possibilities for a retailer to feel that they do not need this VM cycle:


Lack of awareness

They are unaware that they do in fact need it!

Products are not moving

Their store still looks impeccable after a few weeks, meaning that the products are not moving. This reveals that they need a VM refresh to entice more shopping.


Once you have a strong merchandising process in place, you’ll notice that there are multiple ways that your business has been given a boost:

Increased sales due to an easier shopping experience for customers and more effective presentation
Operational ease since it will be easier to update and maintain the store
Cost-efficient labour since your new action plan will enable staff to work with more intention and understanding

It is imperative that you are strategic about space planning and product placement. It is a necessary part of operating a business, so make sure the time and effort you are investing is bringing you the ROI that you deserve.


Ani Nersessian

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