Creating a Window Display that Pops


Consumers buy based on emotion.

More than 90% of shoppers make unplanned purchases.

You have 2.3 seconds to catch the consumer's attention.

Your windows are a free billboard!




Seasonal props

Pick product that is seasonal and attracts attention

• Glassware is clear, but we have made it more interesting by adding coloured water.
• Repeat the same element in the window to send a clear message.


Neutral fixtures

Neutral fixtures help products stand out

• White is a great neutral for fixturing a window.
• The perfect fixture is not for sale, but assists in displaying the product.
• Think about what works with your product. For example, an industrial-themed store may be better with concrete, wood or stainless steel fixtures, whereas a country-themed store may be better with wood, baskets and natural fixturing.
• Fixtures should be versatile and used to create height. They can be furniture, household items, hardware — virtually anything.


Prop your window

Prop the window

• Adding orange slices add colour.
• Props that relate to the product will complement the display.
• Props need to reflect the company's image.
• They should also add interest and attract attention!


Creative backdrops

Get creative with backdrops

• A two-dimensional printed graphic can be a fun option.
• Ribbons in different widths on a white wall can be a fun look.
• Think wrapping paper, mirrors, chalkboards, string, rope, fabrics and metals. There are endless possibilities.





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