Digital Sparkle Dust: Connecting with Consumers by Bringing Joy into their Online Lives

Ramona Pringle

Learn how to create digital content so it evokes good feelings from your followers. In today’s world, people are looking for positivity and you’ll gain loyal customers and foot traffic by bringing joy into your online communications.

Ramona is leading a special breakfast keynote session on Tuesday, August 13, 2019.

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Independent retailers are facing unprecedented challenges. With the rise of e-commerce and the ubiquity of mobile devices, seemingly anything that anyone wants is just a click away — and often, less expensive than traditional stores can offer it for, without the burden of overhead such as rent, or even salespeople.

Amazon, once an online retailer of books, has become one of the world’s biggest businesses, altering almost everything about the way we shop — from the way we compare products, to the speed with which we expect goods to be delivered, to the assumption that anything we want (from diapers to electronics to groceries, even!) are all in one place, to the convenience of never having to even leave the house to get the things we want or need.

So, the question that persists is, how can YOU become more Amazing than Amazon.

Granted, chances are you don’t have a billion-dollar operating budget, a sprawling R & D lab, or listening devices in the homes of millions of consumers.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t compete.

To be more amazing than Amazon, you need to think of yourself as more than just a store front, and take a page out of the tech giant’s book, by going digital, listening and adapting to consumer needs, and doing a little “R & D” of your own.

Research has shown that millennials value experiences above possessions, which means, if you can join them on their journey through everything from the mundane to life milestones, you’ll develop devoted customers.

With that in mind, here are a few suggestions from the online world, for where to start:




If YouTube has taught us anything, it’s that we love to see real people’s stories.

By putting a face on your business, you set it apart from the thousands of products that compete based only on the lowest prices. Become an expert, a trend setter, a trusted voice to guide consumers towards making the right purchase.







250 million people use Pinterest every month, to find recipes, decorating tips, suggestions for keeping their kids busy, entertaining ideas, and more.

Do you have a bakery? Maybe it’s time to consider sharing your secret recipes, with easy-to-follow tutorials that people can find… and share. No matter what you sell, someone out there wants to learn about it, and by offering a way for people to become better versions of themselves (and maybe a few trade secrets that will put you on top of search results!) you offer something that will attract loyal followers and customers.







Even when we’re not looking to master a new skill, we are drawn to excellence in others.

Indeed, some of the world’s most successful bakers, designers and craftspeople have amassed devoted international followings on Instagram by showcasing their work online. Indeed, the more beautiful the images, and the more unique the content, the more successful they are. Imagine, an account boasting millions of followers… that only posts images of meringue cookies. It turns out, things that “spark joy” aren’t just the items we should hold onto, as Marie Kondo famously says, but they’re also the things we’re drawn to online.