Feel Like a Ten While Finding Your Business Purpose


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Kristen Gale was live at the Toronto Gift + Home Market and here’s a recap of the main message from her presentation.



When you think of a downtown, high-end spa, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Is it the wall of colourful nail polishes? The chit-chat between the guest and their esthetician? Or maybe it’s the thought of paying high prices for high-end services. This is exactly what I thought of before I opened our first beauty bar in 2006, and since then I knew I had to find a way to blend the quality of these high-end spas with the efficiency of chop shops.

Over the past decade, THE TEN SPOT has opened almost 30 locations across Canada (with 20 more sold or in development!), and I’ve acted as the CEO for every single minute of operation. Since my first day on the job, I’ve never stopped learning about what makes or breaks the industry I've dedicated my life to. What makes my employees excited to come into work on a Monday? How can I make sure our franchise partners and managers are as passionate about the brand as I am? There are some days I still struggle to find these answers, as I’m sure most of you do as well, but I have discovered one outlet to help our company — core values.

At THE TEN SPOT, our core values are the general beliefs of the company, starting from our head office to our many beauty bars, and gives our hard-earning employees their own purpose within the company. Some of these values include: “reject neglect”, “love the details”, and “own your role”. I give my franchise partners, managers and employees the opportunity to look at these values in their own way. You can believe in rejecting neglect in your own way. Just make sure to give it your all!