Reinventing the retail experience


Kelsey Ramsden VIDEO BLOG




When you started your retail shop, you did so as either a


and you utilized commerce as your vehicle. What I mean by this is that through your product or service, you either create or provide a creation for someone to consume, or you connect individuals to something through experiences. In both cases, the success of your commercial venture depends on your ability to connect or create and the commercial success is a by-product of your success in the former.

Many of us have lost sight of that and have put commerce first.


In order to survive and thrive in 2019 and onward, the founders and leaders of retail organizations, shops, the mercantile, all must be reminded of their vision or enliven the feeling of connecting and creating first. What is it you provide and for whom do you provide it? … not on a dollars and cents level, but an emotional one.

The emotional buying experience will separate the commodity experience from the coveted one.


On to the four key elements that will help focus your reinvention and enliven the vision, naturally resulting in greater commerce and more top-line sales for you to manage to a better bottom line.








People are shopping for things to cherish.

Something they can weave lore around and keep close or gift with purpose. Individuals who value retail value the experience of the purchase and forecast the purchase forward in their mind even before they transact on it. Help them to find the things they will cherish and create an atmosphere for them to engage in that emotion.










The paradox of choice: with more options come more problems.

Certainly we know this from SKU management but from the buyer’s perspective, overwhelm is a real challenge these days with all the options available. Curating to narrow the best and then pointing them at other things that support, supplement and compliment the purchase in a genuine way will win more and more.










What makes something remarkable? Worthy of remarks?

Often it is even the slightest personalization of either the experience or the object itself that makes a person brand a location loyal. Consider options to customize by mapping the buying experience or the items in stock to find opportunities at low cost to achieve high remarks.










It has never been truer that marketing budgets need not be large to have large impact.

However, the way social media is used has changed again and, I think, for the better. As humans we rely on stories to embed memories, tamed with emotion. A poster or placard will no longer do this and this holds for posting as well. Finding ways to build out a story using video to connect with your audience will deliver great results, cost little and keep your options at the top of their mind.






Remember, reinvention does not need to be an overnight wholesale shift.

It is often in the small, incremental, thoughtful changes where the greatest impacts are had because they are strategic and focused and most importantly experimental, intentional and by the end, deeply informed.