DHL Express — Emergency Situation Surcharge to ALL Time Definite International Shipments

CanGift Members, please read this important note from DHL Express:


Dear valued customer,

In the face of the challenges posed by the current global COVID-19 situation, DHL Express is working to maintain a reliable delivery service for you and your customers. We are currently mobilizing our business continuity plans, monitoring and responding to rapidly changing local conditions. We are also making safety our top priority.

We do this because we strongly believe in our company mission: “Connecting people, improving lives”. Never has that been more necessary than it is today. Enabling the flow of goods, ranging from consumer products to relief supplies, plays a crucial role in the welfare of the world’s citizens and the stability of our societies.

In order to ensure operational continuity and to keep connecting the world with a high-quality service, we will temporarily and until further notice levy an Emergency Situation Surcharge to all Time Definite International (TDI) shipments.


DHL Express transports your shipments around the world using our own fleet of dedicated DHL cargo aircraft, supported by significant amounts of commercial air cargo purchased on passenger flights. This unique model provides the coverage, capacity and service levels that you have come to expect, connecting all 220+ countries and territories worldwide.

You will all have seen in the news or experienced firsthand the dramatic impact the current COVID-19 crisis is having on the global aviation industry, resulting in significant reductions or complete cancellation of passenger flights in most countries.

Our Global Network teams have been working around the clock to react and adjust our network, adapting it to reflect the changes in capacity and demand resulting from the global upheaval. The massive reduction in available commercial air cargo capacity and destinations has necessitated a switch to more indirect routings and the purchase of additional cargo aircraft lift, which is in high demand.

These factors, among others, increase our costs during this period to unsustainable levels.

This Emergency Situation Surcharge will allow us to cover part of the operating cost increases and the necessary air network adjustments during the time of this emergency situation.

Please find below the mechanism of the Emergency Situation Surcharge:

DHL Emergency Surcharge Table

Below you will find how this will work for 2 example shipments:
• 50 lb shipment from Toronto (Canada) to London (United Kingdom): Surcharge amount: CAD $3.25
• 190 kg shipment from Bogota (Colombia) to Vancouver (Canada): Surcharge amount: CAD $70


The Emergency Situation Surcharge will be effective as of the 1st of April 2020 until further notice.


The Emergency Situation Surcharge will be applicable to all Time Definite International (TDI) & Day Definite International (DDI) shipments.

It is not applicable to Time Definite Domestic (TDD) shipments. It also does not apply to our Life Science and Healthcare customers and DHL Medical Express (WMX) shipments.

We kindly ask you to ensure your invoice approval cycles & process have been updated accordingly to avoid any delays.


To help you keep up to date on our operations in impacted countries, you will find via the link below the latest update on our network status:

This website will be updated twice per week. In case you need further specific detail about the actual operational status in your country, please contact your account manager or customer service representative.

DHL Express will continue to make necessary adjustments to ensure we remain a reliable partner for all your express shipping needs. We will also continue to inform you about any major changes in our service offering. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out to your DHL account manager.

Thank you for your trust and cooperation.


DHL Express


DHL Express