LOOMIS EXPRESS – Reduced Residential Surcharge for CANGIFT MEMBERS

CanGift Members, please read this important note from Loomis Express:

We understand that during this time of self-isolation and quarantine that many companies are changing their way of doing business. This situation is forcing many to have to ship to residential addresses versus business to business deliveries.

In order to help CanGift Members control costs during this time, Loomis Express is discounting the residential delivery fee for all members. This is a limited time discount and will be re-evaluated once business gets back to “normal”. At that time, we will decide whether to go back to the original pricing or extend this offer as an ongoing part to the program.

The reduced residential surcharge will be $2.00 or at a 60% discount.

Shipping to residential addresses

Phone: 1.855.256.6647