Adapting Cutting Edge Facility to Address Critical Shortage of Face Shields

Polar Magnetics Inc. has adapted their quality laser cutting process to create their very own Polar Face Shields for businesses across North America. As the retail industry begins to open its doors, these products are going to be an essential part of ensuring the safety of your employees and customers.
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Polar Magnetics

PROTECT your STAFF, CUSTOMERS and BUSINESS FUTURE with an affordable protective solution.


Polar Magnetics

Over the past 25 years Polar Magnetics Inc. has brought you quality laser cut gifts and souvenirs. During this shutdown we have adapted our cutting edge facility to address the critical shortage of face shields across North America. Polar Face Shields are produced exclusively by our experienced staff and operators at our Toronto plant.

Polar Face Shields are reusable and suitable for those working closely with the public, including retail/warehouse/hospitality, long-term care facility workers, medical personnel, as well as law enforcement. Polar Face Shields provide full coverage in the event of exposure to the COVID-19 virus. They are made from food grade plastic, MDEL Certified, and are closely based on the design of surgical shields used by front line medical personnel.











Polar Face Shields may be cleaned / sterilized before and during use with the following methods :

Warm Soap / Water

Isopropanol (70%) wipe or Organic Solvent
Methyl Hydrate
Hydrogen Peroxide (low %)
CaviCide, BioTEXT and Certainty Wipes

* Autoclave – NO
Use of anti-fogging solutions permitted




Suitable for the following industries:

Food service industry
Medical personnel
Long-term care facility workers
Police officers





Easy to assemble. Ships complete with instructions, foam fitting band and elastic strap.




Contact us at or 800.813.6665 for more information and to place an order: