New Information

After much discussion, and in consultation with the CanGift retail community, we are saddened to announce the cancellation of our Fall 2020 Toronto Gift + Home Market, scheduled for August 9-12. We feel this is the only responsible decision given the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves. The health and safety of all our customers remains our top priority.

Refund Policy
If you have paid a deposit toward the August show, staff will be reaching out to you to determine if you would like your payments refunded or if you would prefer to move them to the January 2021 show.

A new category of exhibitor was introduced in Fall 2019. All new Gold member exhibitors will be allocated a 10’x10’ (100 sf) turn-key booth space in the Cohen Ballroom. Included in the turn-key booth will be:

• 10’x10’x8’ H white in-line hard wall booth with 3 walls or a corner booth with 2 walls
• Header sign with company name
• 10’x10’ carpet
• 3’ lighting track with 3 24 watt LED fixtures on the front fascia
• 1 1500 watt, 120 duplex electrical

Cost for booth space: $35/sf = $3500 (all booths are 100 sf)
Corner booth: $35/sf = $3500 + $125 corner charge

Move-in of the “Just in! New Arrivals” will be the Friday (January 24) before the Toronto Gift + Home Market opens.

This new program is designed to guarantee that exhibitors can park and enter the building easily while at the same time reserving primary parking spaces for their buyers. Exhibitor parking is in effect during show days: August 9 - 12, 2020.  Learn more.



Becoming an Exhibitor

All exhibitors at the Toronto Gift + Home Market must be Gold members in good standing with the Canadian Gift Association. If you would like information about becoming a member, click here, call 800.611.6100, ext. 1025 or contact membership@cangift.org.

New exhibitors are entitled to 10' x 10' (100 square feet). All exhibit space is allocated according to CanGift membership seniority and space availability.



General Information

Exhibit space is sold in 10’x10’ (100 sf) increments. Corner booths are subject to a premium charge of $125/corner.

First 100 square feet

$18.48 per sq ft

2nd 100 square feet

$17.93 per sq ft

Remaining square feet

$17.39 per sq ft

For exhibitors in the “Just in! New Arrivals” please refer to “Just in! New Arrivals” FAQ.

• Floor space only (booth  display, carpet, furnishings, electricity and lighting are NOT included)
• Toronto Gift + Home Market Guide listing
• CanGift Finder listings
• Opportunity to showcase your newest products in our feature product areas
• Additional exposure for your company in our email campaigns, marketing materials and pre-show planner mailing and online
• Free evites and banners, personalized with your company name and booth number to market your company prior to the show
• For exhibitors in the “Just in! New Arrivals” please refer to “Just in! New Arrivals” FAQ

A variety of rental options are available, including hard wall construction, Velcro panels and steel poles or sliders. Steel poles and sliders must be used with soft fabrics provided by the exhibitor, in accordance with our fire regulations.

Rental drape is not available under any circumstances.

A variety of furnishings and accessories are also available for rent, including carpet, tables, chairs, electricity and lighting. For the official Show Decorator (Freeman) order form, please visit the Supplier Services section in your Exhibitor Toolkit.

This depends on the size of the booth and type of display you are presenting. You may either rent the booth from the show decorator or provide your own.

If you rent the booth from the official Show Decorator, you should budget $1,000  to $1,500 for a 10 x 10 booth. This will include the rental of a hard-wall booth (with a booth sign, carpet and walls), plus an electrical outlet that supports 1,500 watts.

Yes, exhibitors with custom-designed, prefabricated booth structures can bring their own booth display. For more information on the display rules and requirements, please refer to the Exhibitor Manual section of your Exhibitor Toolkit.

There is an exception to new exhibitors in the “Just in! New Arrivals” whom will be allocated space in the Cohen Ballroom. Please refer to “Just in! New Arrivals” FAQ.

Yes. All exhibitors must have adequate liability insurance. For more information on the mandatory Toronto Gift + Home Market insurance requirements, please visit the Forms section of your Exhibitor Toolkit.



Current Exhibitors

Booth renewal packages for Spring 2020 were emailed out to each exhibitor on September 12, 2019. If you have not received your renewal package please contact Yvonne Hircock at 416.642.1028, yhircock@cangift.org.

Booth payments can be made by credit card through the Payment Centre in your Member or Exhibitor Toolkit. The CanGift member who has contracted the space must make payment for booth space. Personal cheques and cash are not accepted.

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to inform show management in writing that they wish to cancel at the current market but exhibit at future markets. They are placed on a wait list in accordance with their membership seniority. Exhibit space for future markets is allocated according to CanGift membership seniority and space availability. Please read the cancellation policies on the back of your signed booth contract and in your Exhibitor Manual.

Your Exhibitor Toolkit is now only available online and will be updated in April for the August market and again in October for the January market.

The Exhibitor Toolkit is accessible to confirmed exhibitors only. After you have confirmed your booth location with show management, you will be provided with a username and password giving you access to the Exhibitor Toolkit.

In the kit you will find all the show’s Rules and Regulations and Supplier Forms you are required to fill out. Please pay attention to the deadline dates to take advantage of discounted pricing.

Please go online and register for your badges in the Exhibitor Badge Registration page under the Exhibitor Toolkit. If you ordered your badges online by the deadline, they will be mailed to you before the market opens. After the final deadline, badges can still be ordered for on-site pickup at the Show Offices.



Moving Into the Show

Moving into the Show — REVISED FOR FALL 2019 AND ONWARD

IMPORTANT NOTE: All exhibitors will receive a scheduled move-in at the Toronto Congress Centre. Exhibitors will receive their allotted move-in time in November 2019.

The address is: Toronto Gift + Home Market, Exhibitor Name, Contact Name, Booth #, Receiving Door.

The facility addresses are:

650 Dixon Road
Toronto, ON M9W 1J1

1020 Martingrove Road
Toronto, ON M9W 4W1

Moving into the show — REVISED FOR FALL 2019 AND ONWARD

IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting Fall 2019 and onward there will be a scheduled move-in for all exhibitors now in one location at the Toronto Congress Centre. Exhibitors will receive their allotted move-in time in November 2019.

While you may use the trucking company of your choice, we recommend that you use one of the Toronto Gift + Home Market's official suppliers (Lange Transportation or YRC Reimer). Particularly with the changed scheduled move-in, the show’s officials will have priority access to the loading docks and will ensure that your booth is delivered safely and efficiently to your booth at the Spring 2020 show.

If you use your own trucking company, you are responsible for ensuring they deliver and pick up your products on time. Please see your Exhibitor Toolkit for more information.

No one under the age of 16 is permitted on the show floor during the move-in or move-out dates, under any circumstances. During the market, no one under the age of 16 is permitted on the show floor.

Pets are not allowed. However, this does not apply to guide dogs or service animals.  Any person with a disability accompanied by a guide dog or service animal will be allowed access.

The Ministry of Labour considers the market as a construction site during the move-in/out process. It is mandatory you ensure all your staff and those you contract to move you in and out of the show wear appropriate safety shoes.

Your company must carry sufficient insurance to cover any damages, losses and injury as stated in the exhibitor’s kit and within your signed booth contract. The Canadian Gift Association and the Toronto Gift + Home Market will not be held responsible for any damages, losses or injury under any circumstances.



Accommodation and Travel

Stay tuned, CanGift Hospitality Reservations will be available this Fall.

Stay tuned, CanGift Hospitality Reservations will be available this Fall.


All CanGift authorized hotels are now non-smoking.  Smoking rooms are no longer available.


Thank you, more information will be available soon. A negotiated discount to be advised.



General Information


Free shuttle bus service is provided between official hotels and the Toronto Gift + Home Market at the beginning and end of each show day. It does not run during the day.

There will also be a parking lot shuttle service that will take attendees from their car to the facility and visa versa.

For specific bus route and schedule information, please refer to the Bus Schedule page.

Yes. Using the CanGift Finder option found in the menu of this site, you can search by category, company or keyword.