CanGift market rules and regulations are designed to ensure the safety, well-being and fairness of all Toronto Gift + Home Market exhibitors and its stakeholders.

Please note management reserves the right to restrict exhibits that interfere with the effective conduct of business during this bi-annual trade forum and to close — without indemnity — the exhibit of any exhibitor who shall refuse — after notice — to conform to the rules and regulations of the Toronto Gift + Home Market.

The Toronto Gift + Home Market rules and regulations have been established for the overall betterment of the fair and the Canadian Gift Association shall be in control in the interpretation, amendment and enforcement of any/all conditions, rules and regulations.

Show management has final authority to make any decisions with respect to the Toronto Gift + Home Market.


Admission Policies

The Toronto Gift + Home Market is accessible for individuals with disabilities and assistive devices are available upon request. Support persons who accompany registered guests are welcomed into the market, but must show personal ID to obtain an entrance badge. A guest with a disability accompanied by a guide dog or service animal will be allowed access to premises that are open to the public unless otherwise excluded by law. "No pet" policies do not apply to guide dogs and/or service animals.

Show management reserves the right to refuse admission  to any visitor, exhibitor or exhibitor's employee who  — in its opinion — is disruptive, unfit, intoxicated, or otherwise deemed unfit to enter the fair. Only exhibitors with appropriate badges are permitted to enter the building during move-in and move-out hours.

The public is not invited to the market and retail sales are strictly prohibited. No guests are allowed to protect the best interests of both buyers and exhibitors.

When you invite buyers (verbally or in writing), be sure to mention that retail business identification along with employee identification for each individual will be required for registration. Business cards alone are not acceptable. To view the list of required documentation, please visit the Buyer Registration page.

No one under the age of 16 is permitted on the show floor, except infants incapable of sitting up on their own. No strollers are allowed. Infants taken onto the show floor must be carried at all times in a bunting bag or similar support. Parent(s)/guardian(s) will be required to sign a Release and Indemnification Acknowledgement waiver before entering the show floor.

Pets are not allowed. However, this does not apply to guide dogs or service animals. Please see ‘Accessibility’ for more information.

You can book your hotel online through CanGift Hospitality. A special hotel link will be provided by CanGift and you will receive the special rates CanGift Hospitality has negotiated. 



Important Policies

The CanGift board has approved a motion formalizing the unwritten policy prohibiting exhibitors from taking retail buyers off the show floor to visit exhibitors' off-site showrooms during market hours.

Where a member is found to have taken retail buyers away from the trade show sites during market hours, their status as a "member in good standing" may be terminated or suspended for up to 12 months, upon review by the Board of Directors (as outlined in the association bylaws). Such a termination or suspension would prevent a member from exhibiting at future markets.

January/February markets are now five-day formats and August markets are four days.

The new allocation policy provides that unassigned booth space will be allocated in the following priority order:

1. The requirements of any current exhibitor based on member seniority
2. The strategic initiatives identified and approved by the Board
3. Waitlist members in the order they joined the association

All exhibit space is allocated according to CanGift membership seniority. New exhibitors who receive prime booth space at the last minute will be reallocated booth space the following market.



Booth Space Policies & Allocation

All Gold members in good standing with the Canadian Gift Association are eligible to exhibit at the Toronto Gift + Home Market. For more information on membership, click here.

All exhibitors must abide by market rules, regulations, booth standards of quality and CanGift product criteria. Exhibitors must occupy allotted booth space contracted for, and only display that contracted exhibitor's product. Due to any circumstances preventing the contracted exhibitor from occupying the assigned booth space with its own product and/or services, show management has the right — at any time, for any reason — to repossess the booth and reallocate the space.

The CanGift Board of Directors asks that exhibitors know and understand the exhibiting Code of Ethics/Terms & Conditions. Upon signing the exhibiting contract, every exhibiting company thereby agrees to the Code of Ethics terms and policies.

All payments for booth space are to be made by the CanGift member who has contracted the space. Booth payments can be made with a company cheque in the name of the member company or by credit card.

The Toronto Gift + Home Market now accepts online credit card payments for membership renewals and/or show booth payments through the Payment Centre of your Member or Exhibitor Toolkit. Cash payments are not accepted.

Payments must be received by show management on or before the due dates. Late deposits will void extra space and location requests. If the booth payment is due and not received by CanGift, the exhibitor will be deemed to have terminated the Contract for Exhibit Space and booth space could be reallocated to another member.

A request for additional/relocation of space must be sent to show management in writing. These requests will be kept on file and when more space is available (in conjunction with the development of loosely-grouped exhibitor categories) and will be awarded based on CanGift membership seniority. Exhibitors must commit to additional space relocation offers within 24 hours.

Exhibit space is not assignable or transferable. Documentation of company name changes, amalgamation or purchase of member companies, must be submitted to and reviewed by the Canadian Gift Association for approval no later than four weeks before the show.

Exhibitors are strictly prohibited from subletting all or part of their booth space. Violation of this policy will result in immediate loss of booth space.

The exhibitor is responsible for the full cost of their contracted booth space upon signing their Contract for Exhibit Space. Any request by the exhibitor to terminate the Contract for Exhibit Space must be received by CanGift in writing. If a termination notice in writing is received, the following will apply:

• notice received 90 days or more prior to the first day of the Market move-in will entitle the Exhibitor to a refund of its deposit paid to date less 10%;

• notice received 59-89 days prior to the first day of the Market move-in will entitle the Exhibitor to a refund of its deposit paid to date less 25%;

• notice received 15-58 days prior to the first day of the Market move-in will entitle the Exhibitor to a refund of its deposit paid to date less 50%;

• if notice is received by the Exhibitor 14 days or less prior to the first day of move-in to the Market no monies paid to date will be refunded.

• If the final booth payment is due but has not been received by CanGift, the Exhibitor will be deemed to have terminated this Agreement and no monies paid to date will be refunded.

Under no circumstances will the amount of any refund to the exhibitor exceed the amount of the booth space fees paid up until the signed notification of termination.

Termination of the Contract for Exhibit Space will disentitle the exhibitor (or applicant) to any rights or claims against the booth space, the market or CanGift. The exhibitor will remain responsible for paying their total contracted booth fees, except as noted above. All monies retained will be deemed a reasonable estimate of the damages incurred by CanGift for administrative and other related costs arising out of the termination.



At the Market

All exhibits must have a sign with the recognized member company name. All signs must be in a readily visible, prominent location. Refer to Display Booth Rules & Regulations in your Exhibitor Toolkit for more details.

When booths are removed, building representatives and show management inspect each space for any damages and to ensure all materials, including tape adhered to the floor, are properly removed. Charges will be levied to any exhibitor who has caused damage or has not removed all materials following this regulation.

Your exhibit contract requires minimum insurance coverage of $2,000,000 to cover any possible theft, damage or liability in case of any damage or injury caused while at the market. Show management will ensure all official contractors have the appropriate insurance. Each exhibitor should be adequately covered and protected for any unforeseen circumstances.

Please be aware of your insurance options. Kindly complete the mandatory insurance requirements form available in the Forms section of your Exhibitor Kit and return it to us before the deadline date.

For the official show insurance supplier's printable order form, refer back to the Supplier Services section of your Exhibitor Kit. If you are employing a third-party contractor to do any work on your booth, they are also required to provide CanGift with proof of insurance.

Each exhibitor is responsible for obtaining all necessary licences and permits to use music, photographs or other copyrighted material in their booth or display. Show management reserves the right to remove any part of a booth or display from the exhibit hall that incorporates music, photographs or other copyrighted material and for which the exhibitor fails to produce proof they hold all required licences.

The exhibitor shall remain liable for and shall indemnify and hold show management and the facility, their agents and employees, harmless from all loss, cost, claims, causes of action, suits, damages, liability, expenses and costs, including reasonable attorney's fees, arising from or out of any violation or infringement (or claim violation or infringement) by the exhibitor, exhibitor's agents or employees of any patent, copyright or trade secret rights or privileges.

First-aid personnel will be on site during move-in, show hours and move-out at all locations. At the Toronto Congress Centre South, the first-aid room is located in Hall 2.

Exhibitors are not permitted to enter another exhibitor's booth, or handle any product without expressed permission from the other exhibitor as per the Code of Ethics.

Unauthorized photography or video recording of exhibitor booths and/or products is prohibited on the show floor without first obtaining permission from the exhibitor. Exhibitors who wish to take photographs of their own booth or products must wear a badge with the company name corresponding to the booth/products being photographed. Violators may be asked to delete any images by the exhibitor or show security.

Merchandise may be removed by the exhibitor only at the end of each market day (with the exception of the last day) and must be accompanied by a Product Removal Form, which can be obtained from the Show Office. On the last day of the market no product can be removed before market closing. Buyers will not be permitted to return to the show floor once the market closes at 3 p.m. on the last day. There will be no exceptions.



Move-out Regulations & Procedures

1. Appropriate footwear (safety shoes) must be worn in work areas and loading dock areas at all times. This rule will be strictly enforced. (See Page 4 of your Rules and Regulations for the Health and Safety policy.)

2. Exhibitors should not leave their booth unattended at any time during this period to deter theft during the dismantling process.

3. Exhibitors who do not plan to move out on the last day of the show are advised to hire a security guard from 3 p.m. on the last day until 8 a.m. the following day as an added precaution against theft.

4. No tipping of any facility employee or show contractor is required or allowed. Immediately report to show management any discourtesies or attempts to imply that service will be faster through tipping.

5. For safety reasons, the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the show floor is strictly prohibited. Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed in the designated lounge areas.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: No product or exhibit material will be permitted through the glass entrance doors.


1.  The market closes at 3 p.m. on the last day of the event. Under no circumstances may any exhibitor start tear down or begin removal of his exhibit before that time. Market hours must be observed as a courtesy to both buyers and exhibitors. Notification of market closure will be made over the PA system.

2. Do not order tear-down personnel to arrive at your booth until market closing time, as they will not be allowed in the market nor permitted to begin work until this time. These individuals will require a special move-out badge to gain access to the floor. Please ensure that any individuals you hire for move-out are notified of this procedure.

3. At show closing time, the building will be cleared of buyers and the show decorator will be given one hour to roll up the aisle carpets and remove plants and garbage containers from the aisles. Dollies, handcarts, pump trucks, or any object with wheels will not be allowed on the show floor during this time. Only items that can be hand-carried to and from the booth are allowed on the floor at this time.

4. Once all aisle carpet has been removed from the facility and the 'all clear' has been given, materials handling staff will begin to return storage items to exhibitors' booths.

5. Storage is housed off-site in trailers. All exhibitor storage will be returned to booths starting at 4 p.m. after the market has closed. Exhibitors should check the schedule posted in the show office at both locations by 1 p.m. on Tuesday for approximate offloading times. Storage will be returned to exhibitors in the order it was received (i.e., First in, first back).

6. Please be patient! Toronto Gift + Home Market management and its official contractors will work diligently to return storage to all exhibitors as quickly as possible while ensuring a safe working environment for all concerned.

7. The forklift operators have been instructed to follow directions from floor management staff only. Attempting to have them retrieve specific items slows the storage return process and is not allowed.

8. A driver’s licence or credit card are the only acceptable forms of ID to obtain a dolly for move-out. A limited number of dollies are available to exhibitors. It is recommended you bring your own dolly, clearly labeled with your company name.

Dolly pick-up locations:
• Toronto Congress Centre: Loading docks (Hall 2)

9. All trucks will be held in a holding area until the exhibitor is packed and ready to load at the docks. When completely packed, an exhibitor can obtain a Marshalling or Dock Pass from the dock supervisor or floor manager for accessing loading docks.

10. For the convenience of all exhibitors, round-the-clock move-out is available at both market locations. If you are not using one of the Toronto Gift + Home Market's official carriers, it is recommended that you encourage your carrier to pick up during off-peak hours and avoid potentially lengthy delays.

11. All exhibitors must be cleared from the Toronto Congress Centre by 1 p.m. on Friday at the spring markets and by 1 p.m. on Thursday at the fall markets. Any equipment, materials, crates or crating material left in the buildings after these times will be shipped by one of the official carriers at the exhibitor's own expense.