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Each spring, as part of the Toronto Gift Fair, TRIPS East unites exhibitors who cater to the tourist and resort industry with retailers representing resorts, tourist attractions, seasonal businesses, associated souvenir shops, galleries, museums and gift stores.

This unique event allows buyers to source new products, discover new trends and create strong relationships with new and existing suppliers. Products featured at this event range from First Nations and Inuit art to resort wear and museum merchandise.

At Canada's largest gift trade show, TRIPS East will make your journey the most rewarding of the year.



TRIPS East Presentation



Standing Out Amongst the Beavers

As consumer shopping habits have morphed from product driven to experience-based interactions, travel adventures have become more prevalent in people’s lives. Servicing this group has become more challenging and setting yourself apart from your competitors is crucial for success. Designer and entrepreneur Cory Christopher shares his thoughts on standing out in Canadian tourism. Hear inventive ways to offer a customer experience that will target your key demographics, have customers coveting your products and sharing their visit to your destination on social media platforms.

Monday, January 28, 2019
The International Centre, Hall 4
10 - 11 a.m.