Show Preview starting August 5, Live – August 9-12 11 A.M.-7 P.M. EDT,
on-demand is available until September 3




The deadline to register for a booth is July 15. Only Gold or Silver members of CanGift are eligible.

This error message appears if you’ve linked to the paged previously. You will be sent an incomplete form to complete your registration. On the bottom of the form, there is a black button that will say “Complete Registration”. Once you click on that, it will take you to a screen that has an option on the upper right hand of the page to “Edit Booking” which will take you to the page with your company details and categories. Click on “Next” located at the bottom and it will take you to the booth availability page. Once you have chosen your package, click “Next” on the bottom of that page and you will be on the “Virtual Booth Purchase Review” Page. Click on the “Continue to Payment” button and that will take you to the payment processing page. Once you’ve paid, you will receive a confirmation that you have registered and paid.

The confirmation you receive after you have registered and paid for your booth is also your invoice. If you have not received it, please contact us at exhibitor@cangift.org and we will send you a copy.

  1. Company logo, customizable booth colour (header bar & button) to match your branding and colour scheme

  2. Company contact information, company description (this is where you would put key searchable words that are not included in the category options & website)

  3. “External Links”: in this section, you have the ability to show/hide individual social networks. You can also add a Zoom meeting link to connect with buyers and add a scheduling platform like Calendly.

  4. “Videos”: in this section, you can add up to 20 2 to 3-minute videos. You can select one of these videos to be included on your booth’s home page.

  5. “Documents”: in this section you can include product catalogues and other downloadable documents

  6. “Show Specials”: in this section, you can add show specials or special offers, such as an extra incentive, free shipping on orders etc. All exhibitors with Show Specials will have their offers featured on the Virtual Show home page, in addition to your own booth.

  7. “Product Directory”: add products with name, description, category, video, pricing details and pdf brochure.

  8. NEW: Canadiana and New Products Feature areas. (To add these products exhibitors would go to the Product Directory tab). For instructions view Booth Building Video #3.

    These two Feature Areas will be showcased on the main page of the Virtual Show and also in your booth. The Canadiana section is for products that are Canadian themed and/or made in Canada. The New Products section is for products launching in the Fall 2021 Virtual Show.

  9. New “CanGift 365” feature area: exhibitors that are participating in the CanGift 365 online ordering platform will automatically be included in the CanGift 365 feature area.

  10. “Order Taking Capability”: CanGift 365 participants will have an optional “Order Now” button on their profile page linking retailers to their CanGift 365 account to directly place orders. This is an exclusive benefit for Gold Member CanGift 365 participants; NO other order taking platforms will be accommodated.

  11. “Sponsored Exhibitor Feature Video”: If you purchase package 3 or 4 your 30-minute video will be featured on a dedicated page and in your booth and is available on demand for the entire show. The link for this video, along with a brief description should be submitted to exhibitor@cangift.org no later than Friday, July 23

  12. “Chat with Exhibitor” feature available during LIVE exhibition hours. Current booth rep chat messages are displayed. The Chat Notification feature will allow you to know when a retailer has initiated a chat

  13. “Send Email Message” feature always available for contacting exhibitors

  14. “Appointment Scheduling”: invite your customers to set a time to meet using your own appointment setting software

No, exhibitors will not have access to other exhibitor’s booths.
You will receive a welcome email and it will include a link to start setting up your booth, also included in this email are links to booth builder demo videos and a checklist to help you keep track of your booth build with a listing of tasks and key dates.

Each pack includes a maximum of 20 pdfs on the Documents tab and 20 images for each of the Show Specials and Product Directory tabs.

If you require more space, you can purchase add on packages in the following increments:
Package 1 - 10 Documents, 10 Show Specials, 10 Product $50.00 + tax
Package 2 - 20 Documents, 20 Show Specials, 20 Product Directory $100.00 + tax
Package 3 - 30 Documents, 30 Show Specials 30 Product $150.00 + tax

The number of items you can upload will be displayed in your booth builder depending on what you have purchased.

Return to your booth confirmation email to purchase add-ons. Click on “Review Details” at the bottom, then at the top right-hand corner, click on “Edit Booking”, this will take you to another page, at the bottom right-hand corner click on “Next” than scroll down to New! Package Upgrades and purchase how many you would like to add.

You will need to upload your logo to your virtual booth for it to be included in the Sponsorship carousel on the main page of the Virtual Show.

The content of your video could include company information/updates, product highlights, new programs/initiatives or showroom tour and should be no longer than 30 minutes. Once ready, send a video link from YouTube, Vimeo, or your personal server AND a short description of your video to exhibitor@cangift.org by Friday, July 23, 2021.

This is your opportunity to show off your company. Upload links to your social media pages to keep buyers informed about your company and products; 2 to 3-minute videos showcasing your products, maybe a showroom tour, display suggestions etc., add catalogues and brochures to encourage buyers to click to your website / CanGift 365 Order Now button; add product images and their descriptions so they can see what deals you have to offer and to showcase what’s new and exciting.

To create your booth, you will be required to type in or cut and paste info under the appropriate tabs and text boxes as well as upload files. We recommend you watch the following tutorials: Logging In, Building your booth and *NEW* Product Directory. If you need assistance, please email us at exhibitor@cangift.org.

We ask you to have your booth ready to go by August 4. You will still have access to make updates before, during and after the live show. However, please keep in mind there is the possibility of delays in the uploaded files being available right away. It may take up to 24-48 hours for the updates to show up in your virtual booth profile.

• Live Show dates: August 9 – 12, 2021 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. EDT.
• The site will be available on demand for registrants to access the virtual show until September 3.

Yes, only those that have registered will have access to your virtual booth. If you have a not already registered anyone, go back to your booth builder welcome email and there is a link to register your staff. Once you register, you/they will be sent a personalized link to access your booth. You must register yourself to have access to your booth during the Virtual Show.

Yes, we recommend that you have staff monitoring your virtual booth during the show dates and hours. Live chat features will be activated during these hours allowing real-time communication.

You can also add a Zoom meeting link to connect with buyers. Simply copy and paste the meeting link in the appropriate text box.

To encourage retailers to book appointments with you, add a scheduling link, such as Calendy, by copying and pasting the link in the appropriate text box.

You will have to log into your virtual booth, using the email address and access code you were assigned to access your booth. Instructions are as follows:

  • Visit the MyProfile tab to add your mobile number if you wish to receive notifications to your mobile device
  • Navigate to the MyChats area and click the link to access booth chats
  • Set your availability to I am available to chat, the Booth Chat button will appear in your virtual booth
  • Further instructions on Booth Chat features can be found in the MyChats area
  • You will have the ability to download a list of sales leads from the Exhibitor Control Centre, real-time reporting, daily and up to the end of the on-demand portion of the show, September 3.
  • We do not sell or give out a full show attendee list.
  • Retail buyers will be able to self manage their profile settings to include the option of opting in to receive email communications from you. Adhering to CASL compliance, if a retailer chooses to provide you with access to some or all of their company information (company name, contact details and email address), you will be able to access available information on your exhibitor dashboard.
  • If you have participated in the Feature 30-minute Video Session, you will receive a list of the buyers who clicked on your video.